In the words of the oven…


Actually, what the oven said was HI. In capital letters just like that.

I know it was just the digital readout telling me the temperature, but I couldn’t help wondering what the oven would say if it could talk (or at least communicate through the digital readout). Would it inquire about my day? Would it tell me about it’s day? Would it tell me exactly how many minutes I had left before the pudding (or whatever’s in there) finished baking and began to burn? I suppose all are possiblities. However, before I continue hypothesizing what the oven might communicate through the digital readout, I’ll explain why I don’t know what exactly is in the oven.

Whatever it is in the oven is not mine. I have been asked to watch the oven’s contents to make sure they don’t burn.  As mentioned above, I think it’s pudding.  Because I’m not actually the one baking, and I don’t know what it is exactly or when (exactly) it was placed in the oven, I half wish the oven would talk to me. That way at least (provided we became friends) it would tell me when the…um…  stuff, was ready, and I wouldn’t keep having to get up to check on it. Maybe the oven could even could help me guess what’s in it. Maybe we could play 20 questions, or talk politics. Okay, not talk politics, but definitely play 20 questions.

It’s been a while since I’ve played that game with a machine.