Cereal, etc.

I like cereal. Raisin Bran Crunch is a nice one, I’ve often thought. So is Frosted Flakes. Both were a nice enough start to the morning back in the days when I had cereal and a reason to get up and go someplace. I don’t have much to say about cereal now except that I like it and I haven’t had it in while. It doesn’t last very long around me. Frankly, I thought that I would have more to say about cereal. I do like it. But maybe it’s not the same anymore because I haven’t had any in a bit and the cereal I did have wasn’t either of the two I mentioned. Not that I only like those two, mind. But the cereal I had last wasn’t sweet at all. I would have liked it to at least have been sweet.

Moving along,

Envelopes get X-rays too:

The important thing is what shows up on the X-ray. If you can’t see it, it says. “listen to Ice Cream by Muscles.” I always do what I’m told to do by random webcomics, so naturally I went and Googled the song. About half of it was on iLike. I liked, so I scampered off to Youtube to listen to the whole thing. It’s a fun song. I’m not listening to it now though. I’m listening to Disturbed. I think the song is called the Haunted.


It’s called Haunted. I just needed to exnay the article. My playlist has been playing many songs similar to it during the time I’ve spent writing this post, so it’s odd because it’s throwing  off the mood. Ice Cream is much more carefree in mood. The songs my playlist is throwing at me are angry and moody, and now, approaching angsty. Not that I mind. It just creates mood dissonance. Here I am thinking about that fun song that Apokalips introduced me to and The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars comes on.

It’s weird.

Anyway, Ice Cream is fun song. The lyrics make it fun. Also, I don’t know so much about how long I want to make this post. I think that 1,000 words is definitely too long this time. I don’t think that 500 words is too short. I don’t know how long a blog post should be.

The mood is back, via Die another Day. I think that the electropop-y sound has something to do with that. But let’s pretend my playlist has no pop on it and get back to the important matter of how long a blog post should be, shall we?  I think that this post will end up somewhere around 500 words. I think that’s better than me rambling on and on until I reach 700 or so words. I tire myself out re-reading my old stuff sometimes. However, that might be because I’m boring.

In other news, I have gotten completely caught up on Drawing Board. It was fun. I got caught up xkcd as well, like I said I would, but I did not get caught up on Comic jk.  This was because I wandered onto the xkcd fora and somebody posted a link to Abstruse Goose. I believe I got stuck archive binging for day or so. Abstruse Goose is very funny.

Here, see for yourself:

If that wasn’t proof enough, just click through to the comic itself. At least one of those strips will amuse. Unless of course, nerd humor isn’t your thing. Then don’t bother.

Reading the various webcomics I have resulted in me thinking about making my own. I don’t know if I would be funny though, and being funny is important. People seem to expect funny, or some kind of storyline. I don’t know if I could be funny, and I don’t really want a storyline. Plus, it would just be one more thing to remember to do. More importantly, I am far over the 500 word mark. I’m going to stop now.


Always do what webcomics tell you because Ice cream by Muscles is a fun song, and Abstruse Goose is hilarious if you like nerd humor.

Next time: Sanctuary/that show I only watch because it seems to be taking over The X-files late night spot and it has Amanda Tapping in it. Also, ILevan Polka.


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