Wot’s all this then?

I do believe WordPress is encouraging me to blog more. Now that I’ve got my obligatory returning blog post (with a mysterious lack of mention my return) out of the way, the rest should be easy.

Shoot for 35, it says? I don’t think I’ve had as many as 32 yet, and if I do, that’s pathetic.  Seriously, how long have I had this thing?

ANYWAY, I don’t know how well the whole hitting 35 post thing is going to go, because I don’t have anything to write about. I never do. It’s a grand shame, really. All this webspace and nothing of value to put in it.  I really don’t think I should be writing anything right now anyway. I have studying I need to do. What am I studying? That’s irrelevant. This isn’t a diary, you know. Goodness diary is a feminine word. Journal’s a better one. Nice and neutral, that.

This post is lacking cohesion (was that the word I wanted?) so I’m thinking that I ought to say what I meant to say and have done with it.

I sort of like that bit of encouragement, although I can’t imagine what it’s for, and how it benefits WordPress to encourage me to write more. Of course, I am assuming that WordPress has an ulterior motive for cheering me on. There simply must be one.  A popular blogging platform that encourages it’s users to blog? There’s no way there isn’t an ulterior motive. This is because all the kiddies have fled to Tumblr, isn’t it?

Ahem. I think that’s quite enough of my rambling for right now. Perhaps I will hit that 35 post benchmark. It could happen. It’s not like I’m busy or anything.

Next time: I get one post closer to the benchmark if I do indeed write a post. Haven and Hearth is a game that takes too long to acquire things in, much like every mmo ever.


Cereal, etc.

I like cereal. Raisin Bran Crunch is a nice one, I’ve often thought. So is Frosted Flakes. Both were a nice enough start to the morning back in the days when I had cereal and a reason to get up and go someplace. I don’t have much to say about cereal now except that I like it and I haven’t had it in while. It doesn’t last very long around me. Frankly, I thought that I would have more to say about cereal. I do like it. But maybe it’s not the same anymore because I haven’t had any in a bit and the cereal I did have wasn’t either of the two I mentioned. Not that I only like those two, mind. But the cereal I had last wasn’t sweet at all. I would have liked it to at least have been sweet.

Moving along,

Envelopes get X-rays too:

The important thing is what shows up on the X-ray. If you can’t see it, it says. “listen to Ice Cream by Muscles.” I always do what I’m told to do by random webcomics, so naturally I went and Googled the song. About half of it was on iLike. I liked, so I scampered off to Youtube to listen to the whole thing. It’s a fun song. I’m not listening to it now though. I’m listening to Disturbed. I think the song is called the Haunted.


It’s called Haunted. I just needed to exnay the article. My playlist has been playing many songs similar to it during the time I’ve spent writing this post, so it’s odd because it’s throwing  off the mood. Ice Cream is much more carefree in mood. The songs my playlist is throwing at me are angry and moody, and now, approaching angsty. Not that I mind. It just creates mood dissonance. Here I am thinking about that fun song that Apokalips introduced me to and The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars comes on.

It’s weird.

Anyway, Ice Cream is fun song. The lyrics make it fun. Also, I don’t know so much about how long I want to make this post. I think that 1,000 words is definitely too long this time. I don’t think that 500 words is too short. I don’t know how long a blog post should be.

The mood is back, via Die another Day. I think that the electropop-y sound has something to do with that. But let’s pretend my playlist has no pop on it and get back to the important matter of how long a blog post should be, shall we?  I think that this post will end up somewhere around 500 words. I think that’s better than me rambling on and on until I reach 700 or so words. I tire myself out re-reading my old stuff sometimes. However, that might be because I’m boring.

In other news, I have gotten completely caught up on Drawing Board. It was fun. I got caught up xkcd as well, like I said I would, but I did not get caught up on Comic jk.  This was because I wandered onto the xkcd fora and somebody posted a link to Abstruse Goose. I believe I got stuck archive binging for day or so. Abstruse Goose is very funny.

Here, see for yourself:

If that wasn’t proof enough, just click through to the comic itself. At least one of those strips will amuse. Unless of course, nerd humor isn’t your thing. Then don’t bother.

Reading the various webcomics I have resulted in me thinking about making my own. I don’t know if I would be funny though, and being funny is important. People seem to expect funny, or some kind of storyline. I don’t know if I could be funny, and I don’t really want a storyline. Plus, it would just be one more thing to remember to do. More importantly, I am far over the 500 word mark. I’m going to stop now.


Always do what webcomics tell you because Ice cream by Muscles is a fun song, and Abstruse Goose is hilarious if you like nerd humor.

Next time: Sanctuary/that show I only watch because it seems to be taking over The X-files late night spot and it has Amanda Tapping in it. Also, ILevan Polka.

Post to prove that the blog is not dead

It’s not.

I’m just realizing how long some of my posts are, and how few of them there are considering the amount of time I’ve had this blog. I counted 25. I think that’s a bit sad, even if  I’m not that good at blogging. I should have managed to spew enough random drivel to make more than just the 25. I mean, seriously. Anyway, I had a blog post all written up and ready to go ages ago. It was about flatland and how I only knew about flatland because of xkcd and how awful I thought that was. Flatland was great, or at least I thought it was, and I was upset that I hadn’t spent so much time devouring reading material that I had already read it, or at least heard of it. The xkcd fora claims it’s obscure though, and only assigned to math majors, so that’s something. However, all of that is old news now.

New news?

I’m on an archive binge at present. It’s a webcomic called Drawing Board. I have no idea how much longer it’s going to take me, but I intend to get caught up. Then I need to go get caught up on xkcd. Comic jk will be later, I don’t have the time because I’m really, really far behind. I’m also in the middle of other internet doings, but those are less important. I have been tweeting less often, but that’s because I don’t want to overcrowd my taskbar, or over heat the computer. That doesn’t actually explain anything though. (proceeds to explain) I have a desktop…thing (I think I mentioned it before) that I use to tweet. I don’t have it on now. I have got twitter open in a tab, but it’s not the same.

It’s just not.

In even newer news, Firefox is trying to kill itself. I don’t know why, but it is. I closed a tab, and it tried to kill itself. I opened WordPress, and it tried to kill itself. I try to type, and it tried to kill itself. (okay that time it just froze but still…)  I don’t know what I did. I can only conclude that Firefox is suddenly furious at me for some reason, or is being a bitch for no reason. It did this the last time I tried to post. I ended up losing half my work. Perhaps Firefox does not want me to blog? I honestly don’t know what that could mean. I don’t ever post about Firefox. Or is that the problem? Perhaps Firefox wants me to post about it, if only to say “You know, I use Firefox, much like everyone else IE pissed off…”  It could be that it only wanted some recognition for being the browser I use to blog. (usually) Anyway, it hasn’t tried to kill itself since I’ve started typing about it, so that’s something. Even though I don’t know what. I’m also wondering just how long a post has to be before tl;dr syndrome sets in. I’m wondering that because I’ve just gone over five hundred words and I’m wondering if I should’ve stopped sooner. I mean, it’s not like I actually said anything.

Next Time: Blog posts, how long should they be and why? Also, cereal.

Blogging is hard

But I won’t complain. Much.

Whiny Section of Post

I still don’t know why I do this…blogging thing… It’s not as if I’m being paid or anything. Some days it’s not particularly fun to blog either. I feel obligated though. For absolutely no damn reason, I feel obligated. I don’t have regular readers. I don’t think I do anyway.  I seem to be mostly typing into the abyss, or something that equates to that but doesn’t sound stupid and makes more sense.  I just don’t know… about this and me… gah…

On the bright side, I think I’ve figured why other people blog, or do any social networking things. I didn’t get it at first, but it seems to be because friends (or just people) make it fun. It seems to be a kind of the more the merrier sort of thing. Writing and knowing other people give a damn about what you say can be fun, I guess. I don’t think everyone who does it does it for that reason though. It’s just the hypothesis that makes sense (to me).

Back on the “Blogging is hard” theme, I think I might have a mild case of writer’s block or something. Short on ideas is what I am. I attempt to be interesting, but I’ve been doing that regularly (in writing) a lot more often lately. I think my being unused to this amount of blogging is what’s messing things up. It’s okay though, because can just ramble on and on about nothing until I get an idea. I seem to have a knack for that. Rambling on and on about nothing, that is.  Getting ideas, I have trouble with. Making those ideas sound interesting, I have even more trouble with. I’m dreadfully dull. That’s the real trouble. I shall have to remedy this somehow. Perhaps I should go out into the world and…do…something…

The Fix

I really haven’t got the faintest idea what to do to fix my being dull. Perhaps I should become a fauxhemian. I’m already getting good at liking bands no one’s heard of. All I need now is the wardrobe…

<leaves to go check closet>

Nope, forget the fauxhemian thing. That’s pretty much a lost cause.  I don’t have any clothes that are “distressed” enough or clash properly.

However, reading the urban dictionary definitions of fauxhemian was an excellent waste of time. Reading the definitions of hipster was an even more excellent waste of time. Mostly because the hipster definitions are longer and funnier. There are also more of them. The scenester definitions were fun too. It was just nice to have it all explained. Now I feel like I’m all caught up on popular culture.

Random Music Video


It’s kind of cool, I thought. But kinda weird too. Mildly disorienting. Hadn’t heard the song in years even though I’d intended to remember it. That was odd. It’s not like the song title or the band name are forgettable.

Next Time: An idea, I has it! …Or not.

Less whining. (Probably)

Time Changes. Skips ahead an hour.

Result? My annoyance.

All the same it had to change, and did. I had to get used to it, and did, sort of. The WordPress announcement concerning the time change finally settled the question of why the time on my blog is (was) an hour ahead. I didn’t fall back last time, that’s why. To this I shrug my shoulders and continue on about my blogging.

News? None. Nothing has changed. Not really anyway. I’m busily researching England is all. Need to be more thorough about it, so naturally I have far too many tabs open. I found a thoroughly entertaining picture of a cat today. It’s on this blog. I didn’t have to go far to find it. The blog frontpaged on WordPress today. I saw it somewhere else before that though. Possibly Tumblr. What was I doing browsing Tumblr? Nothing really. Thought I’d have a look see is all. Also I seem to be reusing certain words and phrases this time round. “Thorough?” “is all?” Is my brain running in tautology mode?  But that isn’t really tautology, what I’m doing. What I’m doing is being dull and uninteresting. <—-Glaring Tautology.

Moving along though, nothing has been posted because there has been nothing to post. That and I’m still bad at blogging so there might not be anything to post this time either. Might not. I still may come up with an idea… any time now. It really would help to make this blog about something. Something other than me. The internet? No… Well actually, not no. I spend a lot of time on the internet after all. But the internet is such a broad topic. And I don’t go everywhere on the internet. I go a lot of places, but not everywhere. I haven’t got an interesting hobby, so no point blogging about that. My taste in music would be a bit too…erm…. I don’t want to blog about the music I like. That’s all it is. Though I will say that I heard a nice Saint Saens piece over the weekend. 3rd symphony, I think it was. Beyond that, blogging about music will likely not be something I do as a theme. Pop culture? No, I know nothing about pop culture. Not really. I only barely pay attention to who or what’s popular, unless it sweeps into the internet.

Maybe I should try a different angle. So far, these posts have been about things I was thinking about, things I found on the internet, or something random. They’re all more or less random, actually. Maybe a theme is unnecessary at the moment. I still blog without one (though the posts may be dull) and I don’t actually know enough about anything to blog about it. (barring those things I don’t want to blog about)

Back to the time change though. Do people who don’t live in the US have to deal with it?

<Goes to Google it>

Wikipedia says yes, but only some of them. To which I say: That’s interesting.

You might not think it is though.

And I’m done for now. Gone over 500 words and I think that’s enough this time.

Next Time: With Daylight Savings time over with, will there be a topic? Yes, and it will be Legos. (or some random children’s TV show)


What’s with it. I keep hearing about it everywhere. I’ve thought about getting one, but I don’t know what I would use it for (I don’t have much of a life) or who I would follow.
As far as following people goes, some celebrities come to mind, Helena Bonham Carter, Depp, Jolie, Kristen Stewart (the only movie I’ve ever seen that she was in was called Speak)

[edit: after months of absence and leaving this post in my drafts]

I now have a twitter.

I still don’t get it. I should really stop getting into things just so I can understand their appeal, but whatever…

I guess I got used to the blogging I don’t really do (see above: absent for months) because now I just can’t seem to say anything of interest in 140 characters. I can’t say anything of interest if I type longer either, but that’s not really the point. I don’t get Twitter. That’s my point. It’s not like Facebook, so I can’t lose hours of time there. It’s not like well, a blog site, so I can’t lose hours reading stuff other people wrote.

That said though, it is kinda interesting to see what or people tweet about. Plus, I’m following some news sites, and Paris Hilton. The latter just for the hell of it. She likes to watch Lost. Actually, I really should say that she loves to watch Lost. That’s what she said, after all. Dammit… I shouldn’t ever type “that’s what she said” any where near the words Paris Hilton. Ever.

Anyway, as of an hour ago (it’s 4:36 am according to my computer) Paris has gone to bed. That is only interesting to me because now (thanks to twitter) I know her sleep schedule, and she seems like a night owl. Of course, I’m quite sure no one wants to know any more about my (seriously random) twitter stalking of Paris Hilton, so I’m moving on.

Nathan Fillion is also on Twitter. People who know who Nathan Fillion is might be tagging me as a nerd, provided of course, that people actually read any of this. I am not opposed to being labeled thus, except it’s inaccurate because I’m not very nerdy. Just odd. I’m following Nathan Fillion because of XKCD. People who read XKCD probably will understand that I’m not really a nerd for following Nathan Fillion, I just happen to have read every single one of those strips (except this weeks) and have in this way, become aware of Nathan Fillion’s affect on the author. Following Nathan Fillion makes me feel connected to to that show he is/was in that I don’t/didn’t watch.

Moving on again, I have nothing else to say.

Next time: Watchmen, I read it. Facebook. Yes, again. Also, I should waste less time being random.

What to blog…

I’ve mentioned  before that I don’t really do blogs. I get a fair amount of writer’s block when trying to blog.

However, I looked at the clock a few minutes ago, and thought: I need to blog. [note: as of writing this my clock says 3:57]  I’m blogging out of obligation again. I don’t  have writer’s block right now, so we’ll see how this goes.

1. Brontosaurus

[typing resumed at 2:49 pm after falling sleep, forgetting about this blog entry then returning]

I remember back when Brontosaurus was still considered a legit dinosaur. You guys remember that? Remember how they told us that there was some sort of mistake putting together the skeleton and the dinosaur we knew and loved as Brontosaurus actually never existed? I remember that. I don’t remember how old I was at the time, but I do remember being pretty traumatized. That little revelation shook my whole world. It was the equivalent of telling me Santa wasn’t real. I was actually never taught that Santa was real to begin with, (I never believed in him either, although I wanted to) but I understand it can be upsetting to tell that to children who believe in Santa.

Back to the point, I was pretty upset. I thought that Brontosaurus was really cool. The whole ‘Brontosaurus not real’ thing really threw me. Getting over it took… actually I never really got over it so much as ignored the paleontologists and kept on believing in Brontosaurus anyway.

Come to think of it, I was probably under the age of ten at the time, which is probably why I remember feeling upset and protective for a while afterwards when playing with my little Brontosaurus toys.

2. Pluto

The whole deal with Pluto was similar to what happened to Brontosaurus (or, at least they connect somewhere in my head) When Pluto was demoted I remember feeling sad, and for some reason, hurt. I was no where near as upset as I was after the Brontosaurus deal, though.

I still feel little sorry for Pluto. I know it’s not sentient, and if it was it probably wouldn’t care too much about whether the people on a planet millions of miles away categorize it as a planet or a dwarf planet, but I still feel bad. (Not really bad, but I grew up with Pluto being a planet, and Pluto not being a planet messed with my reality a tad)

3. Third thing to blog about

This could be anything really. I had a brief, fleeting idea about what I would write here, but I lost it. I then got very distracted in the process of trying to find it and forgot what I was doing in the first place. I might blog about Facebook games or something, (I do those now) but maybe not. I don’t really think the internet community, (A.k.a you, whoever you are) really give a damn about my Facebook gaming habits. Then again, maybe you do. I however, have no way of knowing. I think though, that I will type about Facebook gaming. You don’t have to read this, but I have to type it, so I might as well pick a topic that’s relevant to me. (as in not writer’s block inducing)

I’m currently playing quite a few Facebook games. I mostly find them to be a waste of time, but for some reason the allure of leveling up is too great for me to stop. A couple of them require you to check up on things in game. (properties, cooking, etc.)  I’m currently playing one right now, and had to check on something a couple of seconds ago. That particular game has me hooked because I’m trying to level up enough to beat a friend. My friend does not know I am trying to beat them. My reason for trying to beat this friend at a flash in-browser game is pathetic. (I know you probably don’t care, but I’ll just say it anyway) They’re better than me at many things in real life and on the internet. (Do not try to understand how they can be better than me at things on the internet) I’m trying to beat them at this game for this reason. I want to be better for once. This also applies to three other games I’m playing, one of which is Mafia Wars.

My friend is level 102 in Mafia Wars. I’m level 21. I have a mild inferiority complex about this. The result is that I try to level up like mad every time I’m on Mafia Wars. (which is a lot) I’m also trying to level up like mad in Vampire wars, but that’s a case of trying to beat myself. I’m level 13 in Vampire wars at the moment, and my time playing that game is split between trying to level up, and try to raise my skill ranking. This is the problem with Facebook games for me. (Or any game where you can level up) It’s especially true because Facebook games are so easy to play. It’s not like, say Ninja Gaiden, where you need to learn how to use skills, and then not die, or Halo, which is similar, except I find that playing on Xbox Live is especially brutal because of it. (But, I’m a noob, so what do I know)

I find Halo frustrating. I die a lot. I find Ninja Gaiden to be easy by comparison; (I die a lot, but I’m more used to the game format)

Would you look at that. I’ve gone off topic.

To be fair to my lack of an organized thought process, Halo and Ninja Gaiden are far more interesting than any Facebook games. I never blog about them because I don’t get to play them a lot, due to various Irl responsibilities, and other places on the internet. The internet is the biggest time suck there is, except for tv. Sometimes. Actually, the internet wins by a mile.

I need to end this entry because it’s getting to long, so I will.

…Once I think of an ending.  I suppose a good one would be something like the ending of every Late Late Show.

What did we learn on the blog this time Diyhades?

I dunno. You probably learned that I can go on and on about nothing at all, and that my username does not work for the Late late show ending song.

Join us next time for: More of the Same. Also, possible randomness