This is just to say

that I have noticed that there is a Tumblr theme on WordPress now. I don’t know if it was called Vertigo on Tumblr or not, and I’m too lazy to check. It looks better here, though. I think the tendency of of WordPress blogs to have well, words suits it better.

-this post was not inspired by e.e. cummings or Ezra Pound, or whoever it was that wrote that bit about the plums in the ice box.

Next time: Haven and Hearth. For real this time.



What’s with it. I keep hearing about it everywhere. I’ve thought about getting one, but I don’t know what I would use it for (I don’t have much of a life) or who I would follow.
As far as following people goes, some celebrities come to mind, Helena Bonham Carter, Depp, Jolie, Kristen Stewart (the only movie I’ve ever seen that she was in was called Speak)

[edit: after months of absence and leaving this post in my drafts]

I now have a twitter.

I still don’t get it. I should really stop getting into things just so I can understand their appeal, but whatever…

I guess I got used to the blogging I don’t really do (see above: absent for months) because now I just can’t seem to say anything of interest in 140 characters. I can’t say anything of interest if I type longer either, but that’s not really the point. I don’t get Twitter. That’s my point. It’s not like Facebook, so I can’t lose hours of time there. It’s not like well, a blog site, so I can’t lose hours reading stuff other people wrote.

That said though, it is kinda interesting to see what or people tweet about. Plus, I’m following some news sites, and Paris Hilton. The latter just for the hell of it. She likes to watch Lost. Actually, I really should say that she loves to watch Lost. That’s what she said, after all. Dammit… I shouldn’t ever type “that’s what she said” any where near the words Paris Hilton. Ever.

Anyway, as of an hour ago (it’s 4:36 am according to my computer) Paris has gone to bed. That is only interesting to me because now (thanks to twitter) I know her sleep schedule, and she seems like a night owl. Of course, I’m quite sure no one wants to know any more about my (seriously random) twitter stalking of Paris Hilton, so I’m moving on.

Nathan Fillion is also on Twitter. People who know who Nathan Fillion is might be tagging me as a nerd, provided of course, that people actually read any of this. I am not opposed to being labeled thus, except it’s inaccurate because I’m not very nerdy. Just odd. I’m following Nathan Fillion because of XKCD. People who read XKCD probably will understand that I’m not really a nerd for following Nathan Fillion, I just happen to have read every single one of those strips (except this weeks) and have in this way, become aware of Nathan Fillion’s affect on the author. Following Nathan Fillion makes me feel connected to to that show he is/was in that I don’t/didn’t watch.

Moving on again, I have nothing else to say.

Next time: Watchmen, I read it. Facebook. Yes, again. Also, I should waste less time being random.