I suppose I should try to have an interesting life.

Unfortunately, that would take a great deal more effort than I am willing to expend. Does expend mean what I think it does? I don’t know~

Some things. (Numbered in order from 1 – 8 )

Thing 1. I have read literature recently. This pleased me greatly. The downside is that I keep wanting to discuss the poetry of T.S Eliot with random people. (How smart does a person have to be to understand The Wasteland, anyway?)

2. The writing of Donald Barthelme has inspired me to write stories (pieces? texts?) that don’t necessarily make sense but are fun to read anyway.  Yes, this is related to the literature reading. Yes, I have had this phase already, but it was inspired by Lewis Carroll and this blog didn’t exist then.

4. I have acquired a new pen. It’s one of those cheap red and white advertising affairs, but I like it because it is a pen and it was free.

5. I have acquired a new book. It’s about psychology.

6. Someone left an expensive looking pair of sunglasses in a library for over a year. They belong to me now.

7. The word slumgullion means “a stew” I think it’s supposed to be a stew with meat and vegetables in it.  Firefox doesn’t realize that it’s a real word, which is a shame.

Thing 8. (the last thing) I don’t think that erythropoiesis is the same thing as hemopoiesis although I am certain that hemopoiesis is required for erythropoeisis. Yes, this is a random thought I had this afternoon and only shared because I enjoy showing off the words I learn.

Amazingly, this is the end of this post. That’s a good thing, because I’ve hit 750 or 1000 words before and that’s really not necessary when I don’t actually say much.

Next time: ???



Since I’m fairly certain no one read my last post entitled, “Don’t read this,” I figured I’d write another post of equally little importance to the internet community. (or blogosphere, or whatever)

I have absolutely nothing to say this time, except that I can’t seem to stop thinking (not talking, just thinking) in a British accent. Basically this means that I’m rereading everything I type to myself in this British accent, and thinking every solitary thought in this same accent. It’s mildly irritating. I think that BBC America is to blame. I just finished watching three documentaries on that channel, two on boobs of extreme sizes, and one on dope. All three were quite interesting.

In other news, I fail at blogging.

Nothing of interest…

Nothing happened today, not really, or at least not to me.

I left the house, a fairly unusual occurence, at least in summertime. Thing is, once I’m inside and have no reason to go outside; no job, excursion to Walmart, etc. I usually stay inside. I don’t have much of a reason to go anywhere else. I went outside yesterday too. A few moments ago I had some candy. It’s not that any of this information is relevant or interesting, it’s just what happened.

In other more exciting news, the puppies left muddy pawprints all over the kitchen floor.

I now have to go clean that up.