Blog death? No!

So I’ve returned. I didn’t mean to be gone so long, really I didn’t, but blogging got hard, and I got distracted. I imagine that blogging will still be hard, (I fail at it) but I’m not quite as distracted at the moment. More importantly, Batman can Breathe in Space. And yes, that is a random link I’ve just inserted for no discernible reason. That’s what I’m like now. Next I’ll be linking to random webcomics just because. Speaking of which:


(Click to embiggen)

It’s a Subnormality comic where a character insists that fiction is stranger than truth. I beg to differ, not merely for the sake of argument though. I just don’t think the situation she’s described is particularly strange. If it were true, I might raise an eyebrow, but I think that would be it. Somehow, while her story strikes me as well… amusing-but-clearly-not-true, I just don’t think it’s that strange. Just interesting. It’s nice to have a story behind those cylinders that isn’t sensible. I also think she is underestimating reality. I mean, reality can be pretty mundane, but it can also be very, mind bendingly strange. People’s imaginations have limits on them. We can make up ridiculous stories, but that’s fine. That’s fiction. If it happens in real life, it’s automatically stranger because it happened for real. Also, I’d wager that there are plenty of super strange things that have happened for real that no one believes happened because they just doesn’t sound believable enough. And another thing. If you do like that character does and make up fiction that’s stranger than reality, that’s cheating. At least, that’s what I think. If you’ve got to leach off of reality just to make your fiction stranger, reality wins. Reality doesn’t have to make any sense or be understandable. About all it’s got to do is be. Plus, we don’t know all there is to know about reality anyway. It might be a billion times stranger than we thought. The amount of strange allowed for in fiction depends on the reality we know and the extent of  the authors imagination.

I’m just saying. Give reality a chance, you know?


Reality Tv is dumb except for Deadliest Catch

This is true.

It is also a random tangent.

In a not-so-random tangent, isn’t the phrase “Batman can breath in space” awesome? I think it’s awesome.

Returning blog entry end

Next Time: Will the blog entry be longer? Will it actually contain something of substance? Will anybody care?


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