I’m feeling oddly guilty….

Because I haven’t posted anything in a bit.

I know that it’s not like I have regular readers or anything, and that I have disappointed absolutely no one by not posting anything, but I still feel bad. I think it’s the existence of the blog itself that is having this effect. The blog feels neglected and so is guilt-tripping me into posting something.

I don’t have anything more to say than usual, so I suppose I’ll blog about my weekend, which (for me) begins on friday.


Didn’t do much. Nothing eventful occurred. Mostly I just did some housework (vacuuming) avoided some housework (sweeping) and lay about being generally useless. I even went to bed early.


Got up early (7am) laid siege to the internet and held it captive until 11pm. Inbetween bouts of reading other people’s blogs, reading wikipedia, and wishing I hadn’t gotten up so early (it’s amazing the amount of things people always need to do near you when you don’t want them around, not to mention the things they want you to do)  and marveling at how much more time there is in the day when I wake up before 2pm, I was forced to cook.(sort of) I had to make dumplings, to go in soup. I didn’t want to, not right then anyway, but it couldn’t be helped. Apparently if I sleep until 2pm (or 4 as I sometimes do) I am exempt from dumpling making duty. However if I make the mistake of being awake and being seen by the general population of the house, I must make dumplings.

At 11pm I tried to maintain enough concentration to exercise. I failed, mostly. I ended up instead, exercising sporadically throughout the night between the hours of 11pm and 5:30am (during commercials on the adult swim lineup). I didn’t watch much tv after 5:30 because I don’t much care for Inuyasha (the character, or the show). Instead, I flipped to Toon West and watched Code Geass again. I then went downstairs, played with the internet for two hours, and went to sleep.


Nothing happened.

All right, that’s not true. Truth is, there were donuts at church. I ate three. It was the pastor’s birthday, so the sunday school decorated two cakes for him. I had a piece even though it was chocolate, because the children, who I understand completely, had covered the cake in white icing and candies. The candy was delicious. It was sweet in that way only children(and grown-ups with sugar addictions) can truly appreciate.  The cake was covered in the candy and sprinkles. I was quite pleased they let let the children decorate. Adults are too conservative when it comes to sugar.

Monday doesn’t count as the weekend, so this ends here.

Next time: ….

Well you’ll just have to see won’t you?