And so the internet was surfed. (A bloody ancient post from two months ago)

It yielded much of interest. Some might say it yielded too much. I’m having a bit  of a time getting things done as a result. Internet surfing is also what kept me away from the blog so long. What did I find this time you ask? (you didn’t, but you shall be told none the less)

I found pictures, mostly. Of a black dalek, Darth Vader, Cake, Gillian Anderson and of treats from that festival of the phallus they have in Japan. I won’t post that picture though. It was decidedly NSFW. I also found that cool pic where Stars War Characters are in a band of some sort.

To start, the dalek:

Black Dalek

A fun webcam screen

I found it after I randomly decided to google Daleks. I think it looks cool, although I understand that they’re evil. (doesn’t watch the show) Daleks, if you didn’t know, are from the show Doctor Who. Apparently they’re bad. That’s about all I know about them and the show though. I never tried getting into it because I was behind on everything. It seemed about as sensible as trying to get into Lost now that it’s ending. So I’ve never watched it. I’m fairly certain I would like it, but I’d have to play a lot of catch up. Much like with all the other Tv I watch…

Darth Vader:



I have an explanation for why I googled Darth Vader, but it makes little sense, and anyway I don’t want to post it here.



Some sort of cake. Lemon Maybe?

Chocolate Cake


Cake and cream

O_O I suddenly need sugar...

The cake googling reason was similar to the reason for googling Darth Vader. Also did you know that the bigger and more specific you get with the image size you google, the less likely the images you get are to be of what you want?

Gillian Anderson (as in Scully)

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

I googled Gillian Anderson because I damn well felt like it. I’ve always thought she was attractive, and I’ve been watching reruns of the X-files for some time now, while wondering to myself why my hard drive lacked a massive collection of Gillian Anderson pics. Thanks to Google, it no longer does.


I don’t remember exactly how I came across this, but I suspect googling Darth Vader had some thing to do with it.

Next Time: Something shall be blogged about. Maybe it will be interesting. No promises, though.



So… this is the blogosphere.

Hello world, indeed.

I think I can safely say at this juncture that I have nothing to say. Nothing because I at present have nothing on my mind, I presently have nothing on my mind because of an evil technology called television.

My television has wiped my brain smooth, killing all potential for original thought and imagination.

And so,  I return to my original point.

I have nothing to say. Except that I’m going to stop typing now and go back to watching TV.  I’m missing Bones.

First post complete, human.

You may now receive the promised cake.

(takes cake gratefully)