Time Changes. Skips ahead an hour.

Result? My annoyance.

All the same it had to change, and did. I had to get used to it, and did, sort of. The WordPress announcement concerning the time change finally settled the question of why the time on my blog is (was) an hour ahead. I didn’t fall back last time, that’s why. To this I shrug my shoulders and continue on about my blogging.

News? None. Nothing has changed. Not really anyway. I’m busily researching England is all. Need to be more thorough about it, so naturally I have far too many tabs open. I found a thoroughly entertaining picture of a cat today. It’s on this blog. I didn’t have to go far to find it. The blog frontpaged on WordPress today. I saw it somewhere else before that though. Possibly Tumblr. What was I doing browsing Tumblr? Nothing really. Thought I’d have a look see is all. Also I seem to be reusing certain words and phrases this time round. “Thorough?” “is all?” Is my brain running in tautology mode?  But that isn’t really tautology, what I’m doing. What I’m doing is being dull and uninteresting. <—-Glaring Tautology.

Moving along though, nothing has been posted because there has been nothing to post. That and I’m still bad at blogging so there might not be anything to post this time either. Might not. I still may come up with an idea… any time now. It really would help to make this blog about something. Something other than me. The internet? No… Well actually, not no. I spend a lot of time on the internet after all. But the internet is such a broad topic. And I don’t go everywhere on the internet. I go a lot of places, but not everywhere. I haven’t got an interesting hobby, so no point blogging about that. My taste in music would be a bit too…erm…. I don’t want to blog about the music I like. That’s all it is. Though I will say that I heard a nice Saint Saens piece over the weekend. 3rd symphony, I think it was. Beyond that, blogging about music will likely not be something I do as a theme. Pop culture? No, I know nothing about pop culture. Not really. I only barely pay attention to who or what’s popular, unless it sweeps into the internet.

Maybe I should try a different angle. So far, these posts have been about things I was thinking about, things I found on the internet, or something random. They’re all more or less random, actually. Maybe a theme is unnecessary at the moment. I still blog without one (though the posts may be dull) and I don’t actually know enough about anything to blog about it. (barring those things I don’t want to blog about)

Back to the time change though. Do people who don’t live in the US have to deal with it?

<Goes to Google it>

Wikipedia says yes, but only some of them. To which I say: That’s interesting.

You might not think it is though.

And I’m done for now. Gone over 500 words and I think that’s enough this time.

Next Time: With Daylight Savings time over with, will there be a topic? Yes, and it will be Legos. (or some random children’s TV show)


Uzumaki, thesixtyone, other assorted randomness.


Uzumaki is a horror manga. I read it. I believe I mentioned this in a previous post. I said it didn’t scare me, and it didn’t. I found it to be a little on the weird side, but not really too strange. The strangest thing  to me was the entire story being based on spiral related deaths. No real monsters of any kind, just spiral related death.

Nicely drawn, I thought.

Funny how there’s no actual monsters, I thought.

Scary, I did not think.

A couple of parts I disliked, mostly because I don’t care for snails that much, and some parts… Well… I don’t want to spoil it. The point being that I wasn’t really scared at all, only slightly disgusted by the behavior of some people.

Uzumaki starts out with people getting obsessed with spirals and dying. It pretty much continues this way, with plenty of dreadful, spiral related things happening along the way. The story is told from the viewpoint of Kirie, a girl who lives in a town called Kurozu-cho. Kurozu-cho appears to be the only place affected by the spiral incidents, and Kirie’s boyfriend, Shuichi, keeps trying to talk her into leaving.

Some internet peeps reported being scared of spirals after reading Uzumaki, which seems reasonable. Uzumaki didn’t scare me, but it was decidedly horrifying. A good read for if you want to end up being scared of something as random as a spiral.

thesixtyone (T61)

thesixtyone is a music site. It seems to be geared towards indie musicians and the people who listen to indie music. I don’t know why I still listen to music on this site, or why I even started, but I do, and I did. What follows is the exceedingly boring tale of how I came to know about this site in the first place.

I actually don’t remember exactly how it went down, but I do remember it having something to do with Twitter. It probably started with me reading tech news, or other news, because I use  sometimes Twitter for that. Maybe I started out on Mashable, or perhaps I started on Huffpost. Where I started (Twitter for certain) is really irrevelant,  I just ended up clicking on some news about a music site I’d never heard of. Turns out I’d never heard of thesixtyone because I don’t actually care much for indie music, and hence don’t seek it out. I found the article interesting because it was about the recent changes at thesixtyone and how angry it was making the regular users of the site. I read all the comments on the article too.  A lot of those people were upset as well. Some people were all: They took away the community features! (insert angry emoticon here), Other people were all: It’s hard to navigate! The article itself said that the new design was “gorgeous” and that the users had “predictably revolted.” The comments said (basically) that the site creators were clearly trying to get rid of the old user base by stripping out the community features and functionality. I said (to myself) that I obviously couldn’t judge whether the new design was great or horrible until I looked at the site. So I did.

The new design is gorgeous, actually, but that’s about it. There’s really not much to it. The old design (I saw a screen shot) Looked a little like the site designs for Mixpod, or Uvumi. I like the design of those sites just fine, but I can see the desire to make a music site look nicer than other sites of the same type. I don’t really see the point of stripping out useful features though. That said, I still use that site to listen to music. I’m not clear on why (indie’s not my scene, as I’ve said) so maybe I’ll analyze the why in extremely tl;dr detail later.

Seesmic (so yeah, Twitter stuff again)

Frankly, I really need to not blog about Twitter so much. I’m not quite over Twitter yet though, so…probably not gonna happen. I’m not addicted to twitter, or anything. I just don’t get it. In order to get it, I blog about it, and tweet more than strictly necessary for a person who does very little of interest. Currently, I’m using Seesmic to tweet. Seesmic is a pretty great desktop app for that sort of thing, if you didn’t know already. I’m messing with that and Seesmic Look for no reason I can fathom. Seesmic is straight forward and functional looking. Seesmic Look is the pretty version of Seesmic, as far as I can tell.

The fun part about Seesmic is that it’s easier to use (for me) than Twitter is. If someone mentions me, or replies to me, Seesmic makes it easier to see their replies. Seesmic Look doesn’t do that though. I don’t think. Seesmic Look has other fun stuff though, like Twitter trends. To the best of my knowledge, Seesmic does not show trends. That annoys me, so I switch on over to Seesmic look so I can bash or contribute to the current trending topics. Yes bash. Some trends are just dumb. I’ll probably blog more stuff about Seesmic and Twitter later. I’ll probably blog more about everything in this post later. Except Uzumaki. I think I’m done with that.

So moving right along…

Assorted Randomness (meaning Huffpost, Mashable, and other blogs)

I have to avoid Huffingtonpost these days. There’s nothing wrong with it. I actually like Huffpost quite a lot. Sometimes. The problem with Huffpost (for me) is that it’s very interesting. If I get on, there is no telling when I will get off. Plus, the comments section on Huffpost articles almost always seem to be flame war central. That might be because of the articles I read, but flame war reading does me no good. It just ticks me off, or gets under my skin somehow. It rarely improves my day is what I’m saying, even if it makes me think. I would just avoid reading the comments, but the whole reason I read them is to get an idea of what other people who read the article (and bothered to comment) think. Luckily, Huffpost divides the  comments into pages, and the pages are usually short enough that I don’t lose too much time if I only read the first page.

Mashable is a different story. I pretty much always like Mashable. People have flame wars in the Mashable comments section too, but Mashable articles tend to be about Twitter, Facebook,  Social media, and Tech related things. Not politics or religion or celebrities. The occasional Mashable comments section flame war I can handle. Techcrunch on the other hand… Let’s just say that the commenters there are out for blood. Or at least, they certainly can act like it. Saying good or bad, or even neutral things  about Microsoft or Apple will lead fanboys on either side to draw their weapons and prepare for war. Not even kidding.

Beyond the ones I keep getting stuck on, there are many other blogs I’ve ended up reading recently. i09 for one. Dosh Dosh for another. But that’s hardly the point. The point got lost somewhere between me typing an awful lot and saying very little. Something else will be the point next time.

Next time: Structure? What’s that? Also, the Sci-fi I read that one time.

What to blog…

I’ve mentioned  before that I don’t really do blogs. I get a fair amount of writer’s block when trying to blog.

However, I looked at the clock a few minutes ago, and thought: I need to blog. [note: as of writing this my clock says 3:57]  I’m blogging out of obligation again. I don’t  have writer’s block right now, so we’ll see how this goes.

1. Brontosaurus

[typing resumed at 2:49 pm after falling sleep, forgetting about this blog entry then returning]

I remember back when Brontosaurus was still considered a legit dinosaur. You guys remember that? Remember how they told us that there was some sort of mistake putting together the skeleton and the dinosaur we knew and loved as Brontosaurus actually never existed? I remember that. I don’t remember how old I was at the time, but I do remember being pretty traumatized. That little revelation shook my whole world. It was the equivalent of telling me Santa wasn’t real. I was actually never taught that Santa was real to begin with, (I never believed in him either, although I wanted to) but I understand it can be upsetting to tell that to children who believe in Santa.

Back to the point, I was pretty upset. I thought that Brontosaurus was really cool. The whole ‘Brontosaurus not real’ thing really threw me. Getting over it took… actually I never really got over it so much as ignored the paleontologists and kept on believing in Brontosaurus anyway.

Come to think of it, I was probably under the age of ten at the time, which is probably why I remember feeling upset and protective for a while afterwards when playing with my little Brontosaurus toys.

2. Pluto

The whole deal with Pluto was similar to what happened to Brontosaurus (or, at least they connect somewhere in my head) When Pluto was demoted I remember feeling sad, and for some reason, hurt. I was no where near as upset as I was after the Brontosaurus deal, though.

I still feel little sorry for Pluto. I know it’s not sentient, and if it was it probably wouldn’t care too much about whether the people on a planet millions of miles away categorize it as a planet or a dwarf planet, but I still feel bad. (Not really bad, but I grew up with Pluto being a planet, and Pluto not being a planet messed with my reality a tad)

3. Third thing to blog about

This could be anything really. I had a brief, fleeting idea about what I would write here, but I lost it. I then got very distracted in the process of trying to find it and forgot what I was doing in the first place. I might blog about Facebook games or something, (I do those now) but maybe not. I don’t really think the internet community, (A.k.a you, whoever you are) really give a damn about my Facebook gaming habits. Then again, maybe you do. I however, have no way of knowing. I think though, that I will type about Facebook gaming. You don’t have to read this, but I have to type it, so I might as well pick a topic that’s relevant to me. (as in not writer’s block inducing)

I’m currently playing quite a few Facebook games. I mostly find them to be a waste of time, but for some reason the allure of leveling up is too great for me to stop. A couple of them require you to check up on things in game. (properties, cooking, etc.)  I’m currently playing one right now, and had to check on something a couple of seconds ago. That particular game has me hooked because I’m trying to level up enough to beat a friend. My friend does not know I am trying to beat them. My reason for trying to beat this friend at a flash in-browser game is pathetic. (I know you probably don’t care, but I’ll just say it anyway) They’re better than me at many things in real life and on the internet. (Do not try to understand how they can be better than me at things on the internet) I’m trying to beat them at this game for this reason. I want to be better for once. This also applies to three other games I’m playing, one of which is Mafia Wars.

My friend is level 102 in Mafia Wars. I’m level 21. I have a mild inferiority complex about this. The result is that I try to level up like mad every time I’m on Mafia Wars. (which is a lot) I’m also trying to level up like mad in Vampire wars, but that’s a case of trying to beat myself. I’m level 13 in Vampire wars at the moment, and my time playing that game is split between trying to level up, and try to raise my skill ranking. This is the problem with Facebook games for me. (Or any game where you can level up) It’s especially true because Facebook games are so easy to play. It’s not like, say Ninja Gaiden, where you need to learn how to use skills, and then not die, or Halo, which is similar, except I find that playing on Xbox Live is especially brutal because of it. (But, I’m a noob, so what do I know)

I find Halo frustrating. I die a lot. I find Ninja Gaiden to be easy by comparison; (I die a lot, but I’m more used to the game format)

Would you look at that. I’ve gone off topic.

To be fair to my lack of an organized thought process, Halo and Ninja Gaiden are far more interesting than any Facebook games. I never blog about them because I don’t get to play them a lot, due to various Irl responsibilities, and other places on the internet. The internet is the biggest time suck there is, except for tv. Sometimes. Actually, the internet wins by a mile.

I need to end this entry because it’s getting to long, so I will.

…Once I think of an ending.  I suppose a good one would be something like the ending of every Late Late Show.

What did we learn on the blog this time Diyhades?

I dunno. You probably learned that I can go on and on about nothing at all, and that my username does not work for the Late late show ending song.

Join us next time for: More of the Same. Also, possible randomness

American psycho

I just finished watching that movie again. I don’t think I saw it all the way through the first time, and I didn’t see it all the way through this time. If you’ve seen the movie you know all about what I’m gonna talk/type about. If you haven’t, spoilers follow. You have been warned.

What gets me is that all the people of his (Patrick’s) status in society seem to ignore or just not notice his murderous tendencies. Plus, some people (to their own benefit I’m assuming) cover up his crimes. No one below his level in society does that that though. The hooker screams and runs. The cop tries to investigate him. Everyone else just ignores his comments (and occasional confessions) and goes on with their lives. I don’t know how any of this goes down in the book. I wish I did. The first time I saw the movie I watched it because Christian Bale was in it and I hadn’t seen any movies he’d been in besides Batman Begins.(I had other reasons as well but those aren’t important) Anyway, I meant to not watch it, (I don’t like watching movies before I read the books they’re based on) but it was too damn interesting. Yuppie goes crazy and kills people in horrible ways? See also, things that get my attention.

On an unrelated tangent, where did Beyonce get those thigh high boots she was wearing in the sweet dreams vid? I watching right now (sort of) so I’m wondering. Now it’s over. I know it’s not the boots that get people’s attention in that vid. (If you’ve seen it you know too) The gold suit does make me wonder, but Gaga wears something similar in her Paparazzi vid and Gaga has people who makes these things for her, so I assume Beyonce got her suit through similar channels. All the same that’s pretty much the worst example of someone wearing the same outfit I’ve ever seen, but back to my point. I never see boots that high up these days. I have to wonder were she got them. (I’m a fan of boots in general; high ones especially) I know how Beyonce got her body, (apparently she works out for four hours every day) but the boots perplex me.

New unrelated tangent. (Actually, this  tangent might turn out to be related) Why don’t they play more reruns of interesting shows during the wee hours of the morning? It’s just  annoying to be up 4am and not able to find stuff to watch. (I know my sleep schedule isn’t taken into account when they make the tv schedule, I’m just saying).

I’m behind on tv. All I watch of anything is reruns. Reruns and commercials. On mute. I’ve noticed that watching Mad Men on mute makes it seem like everyone is cheating on someone with someone else, or are just being played. It’s very fun, but confusing.

I know this entry is unbelievably random, and very disorganized, but I am not going to change it. Maybe next time I’ll make sense.

I’m back, I guess…

I haven’t wanted to be here for a while.  Blogging ain’t really my deal. I blog about inane nonsense mostly, and the rest of the time I can’t think of inane nonsense to blog about. I guess I owe the internet an apology for having a blog and not blogging, but I don’t think anyone cares. Even if people read this, I don’t think my blog is particularly interesting. Oh well. Sorry, internet people.

Yesterday, (previously earlier tonight, now yesterday) I saw something on the youtube that made me happy. Happier than it should have made me, probably. “What did you see”, you ask. (You didn’t, but prepare to be told) I saw the pinball counting animation from sesame street. For the number twelve. Like I said, it made me happier than it should have. I was also reminded of my five year old life goals, one of which was to have a rubber ducky just like Ernie.

Moving on, life is the same, except I now have unfettered access to the internet. This is bad for me. Problem is, I get so distracted by it that I never get anything done. (like now) I’ve got some things I’m supposed to be doing right now, but because of the internet I’m now distracted. It’s not like I did any better when I had limited internet access though. My mind wanders, sometimes without my permission, sometimes by my orders. Life is annoying sometimes.

I’m thinking about reorganizing my playlist. It’s not out of order exactly, but the order it’s in annoys me. It used to be that I could listen to the whole thing from beginning to end without a problem. I just added new songs to it, though. So right now my problem is putting it in order so that that each song follows the one before it and doesn’t throw me off my groove. (Fallout Boy following Disturbed anyone?)

I have too much time on my hands, none of which I use constructively. Example: [Link]

Only click the link if you can afford to lose ten hours. It’s to a Tvtropes page I was reading. I don’t know how it does it, but that site is addictive. More addictive than pistachios. (The previous sentence is quote from something, so comment if you know what)  I have work to do, so I’m going to stop typing. Hopefully I won’t actually end up rearranging my playlist today. I’ll lose hours doing that mess.

Don’t read this.

Because it’s stupid and pointless and boring and idiotic.

For everyone (or no one if no one reads this) who chooses to ignore the title, I will be blogging about attack spiders, Andromeda (the Tv show not the constellation), Big O, and other assorted nonsense.

A. Attack spiders.

In truth there was only one attack spider. I saw it around 4 am the night before last, descending from the ceiling at an amazing speed. I didn’t know what it was at first so I turned my light on (only the tv was on at the time) to see if it was a fly with malevolent intentions. It was not. The moment I saw it was a spider, though, I killed it with my remote and disposed of the body. Ever since then I’ve wondered what that spider would’ve done if I had been asleep. When I saw it it was coming right at me.  Like it was on a mission. That spider was the only one who attacked, but I know I saw a surveillance spider on my curtain later. I killed that one too. With the iron.

B. Andromeda (adventures of Dylan and the crew)

I miss that show. I miss Dylan, I miss Beka, I miss Trance, I miss Tyr, I miss Telemachus Rhade, I miss Rommie, I miss Doyle, and I miss Harper. My actual memory of that show is vague. That’s part of why I miss it. If it was still in reruns (like say, Angel) I could just watch it over and over again, and try to understand stuff I never understood about episodes that always confused me. Like that one where Tyr and Beka are acting strange for reasons that were never clear to me. Or any episode explaining anything about Tyr, or Nietzscheans, and some episodes concerning Trance. My immediate memories consist of that episode where Beka was the (Spoiler) matriarch (Spoiler end), and that episode that had something to do with a card game. The card game episode makes me think of the bar, and the bar reminds me of Drunk Rhade, who I preferred to Sober Rhade. But that was when they got stuck in the Seefra system, and that was towards the end (I think). No, come to think of it that episode where Doyle is talking to Rommie and Beka and Trance (I actually can’t remember whether Trance was there or not) about that dream she had was more towards the end. Probably.

I miss it, anyway.

C. The Big O

I searched for Big O via the WordPress search thing, and nothing came up. That upset me, so I figured I’d include Big O in my post.

Big O, or as I like to think of it, that odd show robot show that comes on around 5am (Or was it 4 something) on Adultswim, Is a show I only watch occasionally. I’ve never understood it completely, so I find it intriguing. I think the reason I’ve never understood it completely is because I keep missing episodes, and the reason I keep missing episodes is because I keep falling asleep during Cowboy Bebop, or GITS (I’m not going to spell it out I’m just too lazy). Anyway, I didn’t understand it even when I wasn’t missing episodes.

An explanation of what lies below: Roger smith is the main character, Dorothy is the android, Norman is the butler, Gabriel… is a bad guy. Alex Rosewater is a bad guy, Angel is a blond who Roger knows, Beck is a thief (I think), and Dastun is a military cop.

“Roger Smith is like the batman”, is what they say. I guess he is… sort of. Batman lacked a giant robot (oh wait, no he didn’t) and an android companion, and (from what I remember, and I think the joker will agree) a sense of humor. They both have a super helpful butler though.

I love Dorothy.  She’s just fun. Playing the piano too loud, telling off Roger in her monotone, easily lifting things to heavy for humans … So fun.

Norman is fun too. I don’t think Alfred had a machine gun.

Gabriel is pleasantly creepy.

Alex Rosewater is jerk, and his darling Big Fau is ugly.

Angel is nice to have as a character. She can be genuine sometimes.

Beck confused me, as a character. I just couldn’t  reconcile his personality to the background of the series.

Dastun always reminded me of Jet from Cowboy Bebop.

That’s it for thoughts on Big O. next: assorted nonsense.

D. Assorted randomness as opposed to assorted nonsense.

Ed Elric is short because he hates milk. I love milk, but am still short.

Futurama is a great show.

No one has counted the number of times Teal’c has said indeed.

Isabella Swan is a very unlikely name because it’s too pretty.

Jack link’s beef jerky has more calories in it than a Twix bar.