Videogames, the taste of donuts, etc.

Why the random topic? Because I got nothing. At the moment the only things on my mind are the video game I just played and the taste of a glazed donut. Neither are really important in any way. The video game is a racing game that I don’t know the name of, which is a good thing because it’s not exactly awesome. The game physics suck, mostly. I mean, how can you possibly hit another car going at over 100 mph and be able to just keep racing? Shouldn’t be possible. Even if it is a video game.  But the thing with this game is that it doesn’t show damage of any kind. It doesn’t matter if you frigging flip the car, it’ll just flip back over without any sign of the massive damage that would have been inflicted if the video game was realistic. This bothers me, but only a little. I’ve played racing games with realistic damage and for me the object became to see how badly I could mess up the car, and what I would need to do to it. Basically, I would try to crash deliberately, but  also creatively. At least one game had the object of causing damage to the cars around you, so that made for some epic crash scenes. Also fun was pausing it at a moment during the epic crash scene. You could rotate it, so that way you could view the epic carnage from all sides. Supreme fun, that.  I’m not great at racing games though. I’m not great at video games of any genre, mostly because I don’t play as much as I used to. I’m out of practice. I don’t think that’s any excuse for how badly I fail at Halo though. I’m quite bad. I die nearly every minute. However, in my defense, I am not used to the gameplay in Halo. I’m used to games like Ninja Gaiden, or at least Ninja Gaiden is easier for me. Haven’t beat it yet, but I do like it. Maybe it’s the idea that I mostly only  need to mash buttons mindlessly in Ninja Gaiden, and in Halo I need a strategy of some kind. Plus, mashing buttons mindlessly in Halo tends to get me killed.

The Taste of Donuts

I had glazed donut few minutes ago. I like donuts, generally, especially the glazed ones. This one didn’t taste as nice I’d hoped though. It was nice, but not the nice I was used to. I’m half wondering if putting it in the microwave is what made the difference.  I also wondering if I’ve just gotten sick of glazed donuts. I imagine I shall have to run some test to find out. I should get a box of glazed donuts and see how it goes…


Top Gear is amusing this evening.  Geoff is passing all the tests!

Next Time: Will there be more Top Gear? Shall the blogger who doesn’t do blogs share their opinion on The Stig’s vegetarian cousin?





Boohbah is (well was) a children’s Tv show. I didn’t see it until I was no longer a child. I (and people on Youtube) wonder how actual children in the age group it was meant for would view it. This is a Wikipedia page on the show. It tells you the basic facts about the program. It was intended for children ages 3-6, it started playing in the UK before it started playing in the US, Boobah is Hebrew for doll…

That’s not what’s interesting about it though. You’d have to see it to understand, so here’s the intro.

If you couldn’t be bother to click, you’re not going to get the same feeling from a description, but basically it starts out with a ball of light which the Wikipedia page calls the Boohball. That ball of light travels to bunch of different countries and plays with the children there. Then we are led inside the ball of light to see five pods in which the Boohbahs sleep. Their heads look (a little) like babies heads and their bodies appear round and sparkly. (like some sort of strange sweaters is what I always thought) Each is a different color. They only have three fingers and their mouths are not visible. They wake up one at a time as children call their names and then they look from side to side. Only their eyes move when they do this, and their eyebrows (which are a series of dots) light up. They then fly up and out of the ball, join hands in circle and float down to into a mostly blue, somewhat sparkly world. They then run about like mad people until children call their names.

That’s only the intro though. The dancing is next.

When I first saw the show I was curious because I’d never seen it before. I must have been about 14, I think. It seemed normal enough at the start. Only there were these strange colorful pod people, and then they started dancing. If I’d known about a particular meme at the time I would have said: “What is this I don’t even…”

I didn’t know though. I just watched in fascination. The dancing was vaguely mesmerizing. It would get slightly more normal, this show. There were real people in it too. However, they behave oddly. I could never really follow the storyline. In case you’re wondering why I was watching a show for 3-6 year olds when I was 14, it was because I was watching a small group of  toddlers at the time. Though they may have been napping…

Anyway, I found it to be addictive, sort of. I think it was the colors. Or maybe the idea that the whole show seemed to be on an acid trip. I don’t really know. What I do know is that I was quite pleased to see it, instead of the Teletubbies. I hated the Teletubbies. Except Po. I liked Po. According to Wikipedia, the same person who made the Teletubbies made Boohbah. I think they went a bit nuts the second time around.

And yet oddly enough Boohbah isn’t on this list, which features two shows that have always made perfect sense to me. Those two were Wishbone and Teletubbies. I said I hated Teletubbies, and I did. But I understood it just fine. It didn’t freak me out, I just disliked it greatly. Wishbone makes sense to this day. I will still totally buy the concept of a talking dog who goes on adventures through books, and I still like the idea. It just makes sense to me. Boohbah does not make that kind of sense. Maybe it’s because the Boohbahs don’t talk. They mainly dance, and the way they move their eyes is a little creepy. I swing between really liking it, and being completed freaked. It’s just really really trippy. You’d have to be on something (or a 3 yr old apparently) to get it. I keep wondering if it would have made sense if I’d seen it when I was five. However, it does console me to know that I’m not the only one who has had this reaction.

Also this:

And this:


See? Trippy as all get out.

Basically, the only equivalent I can  think of  for semi-grown people would be FLCL.

That’s all for right now though. I’m past 700 words, which makes this tl;dr prone. For those tl;dr people: Boohbah is a great show to watch when you’re high or hallucinating.

Next Time: Is Sagwa next? Will the blog be about something grown people care about instead?



There is a picture, but a cat is not in it.

Consider this post to be: Exactly What It Says on the Tin


She seems popular right now. Sort of. I don’t actually pay attention to that sort of thing, not really anyway. I’m only blogging about her because I got a song of hers stuck in my head and went looking for it. The song was Tik Tok. Tik Tok is catchy. All of Ke$ha’s songs are catchy. I know this because I went on Youtube, found Tik Tok, and proceeded to listen a few more of Ke$ha’s songs. Catchy is all I will call them. I couldn’t say really whether or not they’re any good. I like music, but whether the music I like is any good is up for debate. In another words, I’m no expert, so I’ll just say that the songs are catchy. That much is obvious. I also think her lyrics are sort of stupid. I don’t really know about Ke$ha. Know meaning what I think about her as a sort of famous person. I read the Wikipedia article on her (skimmed, more like) and she seems kind of crazy. The article says something about her breaking into Prince’s house in order to get him to produce her music. She also (according to the article) threw up in Paris Hilton’s closet. Her songs make her sound kind of crazy too.  Basically, she seems to really really like Jack Daniels, having sex, and partying. It’s the Jack that makes her sound crazy. She mentions it more than a couple of times. In Tik Tok she brushes her teeth with it. To which I say: That sounds unwise. And painful. I haven’t got anything against crazy people though. They tend to be interesting, and I can appreciate interesting people. However, Kesha isn’t really super interesting because frankly, party girls are nothing new. So I’m not sure how along she’ll be famous for. I’m equally unsure about whether or not I care.

Crap that this blog should probably actually be about.

It’s the link on my about page that I’m talking about. I don’t want to actually link to it again here though, because nothing is happening at the moment where that link leads. Loads was happening there when I first linked to it.

Things not as a interesting as, but similar to this:


I made this

I say it’s interesting because, well what else would I call it? Ugly? Though I suppose it is that as well…

I used to make things sorta like that. I got busy though. With things that matter. Now I’m just thinking about making more stuff like that and putting it on the internet and whether or not anyone would care if I did. Actually, I know some people might care. I just mean people here, in the section of the internet that cares about blogging. My making stuff like that was part of the reason I allowed my myself to make this blog. That and I was chasing down Keira Knightly pictures, but I told that story already in another post. I also explained why I blog in spite of being bad at it. (generally) I tend to leave the blog without an update for ages, I’m fairly dull, so I don’t actually have much to say, and I don’t really have a set theme, except talking about crap. Usually (lately) I separate the crap into sections and write close to a thousand words (for reals; one post was two) and I dunno… If I made more stuff like the… thing I showed you (whoever you are) and posted it, I don’t know if people would care really. Or if I should. I have I place for that. If I posted too it here it would just seem like advertising. It kinda would be advertising. That’s what thought I would do when I originally made this blog… thing and now it seems like it would take the blog off track. Not that it being on track was terribly interesting, it’s just, you know… change.

Some other random crap

Uma Thurman cannot draw shapes. She can’t draw squares, at least. My proof? Pulp Fiction, for one. If you’ve seen it, you know there’s a scene where she tells Vincent “Don’t be a -” then proceeds to draw a rectangle in the air. I know she means square, since society doesn’t have anything against being a rectangle (as far as I know) but still…

If you need more proof though, let me point you to Kill Bill. There’s a scene where she’s talking to Vernita Green about what would make make them even. When she says “That would be about square.” she draws a square with one of her hands. Problem is, it’s missing a side. I guess the fourth side is supposed to be  implied, but what I’m saying is that she didn’t draw it. I’m also guessing that I’m not the only person who has noticed this and blogged about it, but I just saw Kill Bill again and felt the need to mention it.

Next time: Will the blog start being about something? Will there be cat pictures? Is watching Kill Bill a good way to learn some Japanese? Also this.

And the cat pictures arrive. (along with an actual post)

LOL cats, naturally.

<——Like this oneIt is nice, isn't it?

I love this cat. So sarcastic, yet so…sarcastic…

Cats being stored

This is actually an awesome idea. All cats should be stored this way.

Kitty Fort!

Adorable no? Probably would be cuter if they allowed girls…

Kitty Fort allows Girls w/ cheeseburgers

Well, what do you know? It seems they’ve made an exception…

This is totally something a cat would do.

Mouse escapes orange

A mouse for a change. He’s escaped the orange, see? That makes him adorable, right?

Mouse is a hitman

And another mouse, only this one is secretly a ninja assassin… Or just an assassin.

Dog takes bad picture

I never let my dog take pictures of me for this reason.

The actual post

There are pics this time because I said that there would be pics last time. The pics are cat (and mouse pics) cuz that’s what I got. I took some of them from  and some others from other parts of the internet.  The actual post is not about the cat pictures though. It’s about this:Hard Candy

Hard Candy. A movie I saw, which is not about hard candy at all, and which I found to be somewhat horrifying. Ellen Page was…um…it depends on how you feel about….uh…What I’m trying to say is that Ellen did good (real good), but I also want to say something else which I shouldn’t say if I am going to write this post without spoiling the movie. I really just want talk about everything that happened in the movie. I want to go into the kind of detail that would involve examining everything that Haley (Ellen Page’s character) does, what happens to her, what happens to Jeff (Patrick Wilson’s character) and what I think about all of it. I won’t though. Not because of the spoiler thing, but because the movie is about Jeff’s fondness for underage girls (sort of) and that makes things complicated. People do not like pedophiles. Or Hebephiles. Which is why one thing I will say is that it bugs me that Jeff seems like a nice guy. He really does. Maybe it was just me, but even after things he said it was hard (for me) to see him as a bad guy. I’m supposed to, I think. He likes underage girls, Haley for example. Haley’s 14. Jeff’s 32. That’s what scientists like to call a massive age gap. The age gap might matter less if she was at least of legal age, but she’s not. That makes Jeff (in scientific terms) a pervert. I’m not supposed to think he’s a nice guy. Maybe it’s because in the movie…

Right, can’t say. Spoiler and all that. Jeff probably doesn’t seem like a nice guy to everyone. It’s just… never mind. The important character is Haley anyway.

No one was spared

So I leave you with the above photo. It’s completely unrelated to the actual post, so no spoiler worries.

Next time: Sense of direction in blogging? Does this blog have a purpose? Does it matter? More importantly, will there be more cat pictures?

Normally the title goes here…

But I haven’t the faintest idea of how to title this. That might be because I haven’t much to say this time round. The last couple of posts were very wall-of-text-y so, I’m thinking of not doing that again with this one. If more people read this blog I’d ask a question, or ask several questions. Maybe I’d tell a story or something. Actually, I usually tell a story. It’s just usually about how I found some random thing that isn’t important really. I suppose I could tell an actual story. You, know, like fiction? I don’t know though… It probably wouldn’t be very good. I don’t usually tell stories to the internet.  It would be random if I did tell it. Full of stuff about things…and people. Maybe it would be short.

Of course there’s no real need for me to tell a story. I could always just do a list post. I can see it now…

1. Start with a title.

2. List things

3. ??????

4. Profit!

Ok, so a list post would be a bad idea.

Actually, posting about having nothing to post about is probably a bad idea as well. I should think up a topic and come back.

Well, I’m back.

I still don’t have a topic because I fail at blogging.

I’m working on that though. The topic that is, not failing. I don’t need to fail any further.

Actually…(prepare for random information) Did you know that googling lk will bring up a wikipedia article about the internet code for Sri Lanka? Look. See? I did that by accident once, and that’s what happened. Kind of odd actually…

Also, (interesting info for Bleach fans) there is an actual band called Bankai. (You know, the same way there used to a band called Final Fantasy) They don’t play j-rock, or j-pop, or j-anything. I think they’re Australian, actually. This is their Myspace. It claims that their genres are electro, death metal, and easy listening. I’ve heard them, and can only agree with electro. I don’t know what else to call it. Their Myspace also claims that Bankai was the name of a large dinosaur. I’m listening to a song by them right now. It’s called Melange. I’m listening to it on T61 because they’re on there, and the track was in my “for you” stream, and it won’t stop looping for some reason. I suppose I could just switch streams…

I switched streams. Interesting how T61 came up as a topic again, isn’t it? Enough about that for now though.

I haven’t got another topic, and I don’t think one is going to appear. The funny things is, when I started this post I really thought I would come up with something. I usually do. Especially by this point. I’m going to stop here though. I’m sure I’ll have a topic next time, or at least a better non-topic.

Next time: Topic? DO WANT!!! Also, there might be funny cat pictures. Pictures?! But this is a text only blog! That would be the wrong assumption. There will be pics.

What to blog…

I’ve mentioned  before that I don’t really do blogs. I get a fair amount of writer’s block when trying to blog.

However, I looked at the clock a few minutes ago, and thought: I need to blog. [note: as of writing this my clock says 3:57]  I’m blogging out of obligation again. I don’t  have writer’s block right now, so we’ll see how this goes.

1. Brontosaurus

[typing resumed at 2:49 pm after falling sleep, forgetting about this blog entry then returning]

I remember back when Brontosaurus was still considered a legit dinosaur. You guys remember that? Remember how they told us that there was some sort of mistake putting together the skeleton and the dinosaur we knew and loved as Brontosaurus actually never existed? I remember that. I don’t remember how old I was at the time, but I do remember being pretty traumatized. That little revelation shook my whole world. It was the equivalent of telling me Santa wasn’t real. I was actually never taught that Santa was real to begin with, (I never believed in him either, although I wanted to) but I understand it can be upsetting to tell that to children who believe in Santa.

Back to the point, I was pretty upset. I thought that Brontosaurus was really cool. The whole ‘Brontosaurus not real’ thing really threw me. Getting over it took… actually I never really got over it so much as ignored the paleontologists and kept on believing in Brontosaurus anyway.

Come to think of it, I was probably under the age of ten at the time, which is probably why I remember feeling upset and protective for a while afterwards when playing with my little Brontosaurus toys.

2. Pluto

The whole deal with Pluto was similar to what happened to Brontosaurus (or, at least they connect somewhere in my head) When Pluto was demoted I remember feeling sad, and for some reason, hurt. I was no where near as upset as I was after the Brontosaurus deal, though.

I still feel little sorry for Pluto. I know it’s not sentient, and if it was it probably wouldn’t care too much about whether the people on a planet millions of miles away categorize it as a planet or a dwarf planet, but I still feel bad. (Not really bad, but I grew up with Pluto being a planet, and Pluto not being a planet messed with my reality a tad)

3. Third thing to blog about

This could be anything really. I had a brief, fleeting idea about what I would write here, but I lost it. I then got very distracted in the process of trying to find it and forgot what I was doing in the first place. I might blog about Facebook games or something, (I do those now) but maybe not. I don’t really think the internet community, (A.k.a you, whoever you are) really give a damn about my Facebook gaming habits. Then again, maybe you do. I however, have no way of knowing. I think though, that I will type about Facebook gaming. You don’t have to read this, but I have to type it, so I might as well pick a topic that’s relevant to me. (as in not writer’s block inducing)

I’m currently playing quite a few Facebook games. I mostly find them to be a waste of time, but for some reason the allure of leveling up is too great for me to stop. A couple of them require you to check up on things in game. (properties, cooking, etc.)  I’m currently playing one right now, and had to check on something a couple of seconds ago. That particular game has me hooked because I’m trying to level up enough to beat a friend. My friend does not know I am trying to beat them. My reason for trying to beat this friend at a flash in-browser game is pathetic. (I know you probably don’t care, but I’ll just say it anyway) They’re better than me at many things in real life and on the internet. (Do not try to understand how they can be better than me at things on the internet) I’m trying to beat them at this game for this reason. I want to be better for once. This also applies to three other games I’m playing, one of which is Mafia Wars.

My friend is level 102 in Mafia Wars. I’m level 21. I have a mild inferiority complex about this. The result is that I try to level up like mad every time I’m on Mafia Wars. (which is a lot) I’m also trying to level up like mad in Vampire wars, but that’s a case of trying to beat myself. I’m level 13 in Vampire wars at the moment, and my time playing that game is split between trying to level up, and try to raise my skill ranking. This is the problem with Facebook games for me. (Or any game where you can level up) It’s especially true because Facebook games are so easy to play. It’s not like, say Ninja Gaiden, where you need to learn how to use skills, and then not die, or Halo, which is similar, except I find that playing on Xbox Live is especially brutal because of it. (But, I’m a noob, so what do I know)

I find Halo frustrating. I die a lot. I find Ninja Gaiden to be easy by comparison; (I die a lot, but I’m more used to the game format)

Would you look at that. I’ve gone off topic.

To be fair to my lack of an organized thought process, Halo and Ninja Gaiden are far more interesting than any Facebook games. I never blog about them because I don’t get to play them a lot, due to various Irl responsibilities, and other places on the internet. The internet is the biggest time suck there is, except for tv. Sometimes. Actually, the internet wins by a mile.

I need to end this entry because it’s getting to long, so I will.

…Once I think of an ending.  I suppose a good one would be something like the ending of every Late Late Show.

What did we learn on the blog this time Diyhades?

I dunno. You probably learned that I can go on and on about nothing at all, and that my username does not work for the Late late show ending song.

Join us next time for: More of the Same. Also, possible randomness

American psycho

I just finished watching that movie again. I don’t think I saw it all the way through the first time, and I didn’t see it all the way through this time. If you’ve seen the movie you know all about what I’m gonna talk/type about. If you haven’t, spoilers follow. You have been warned.

What gets me is that all the people of his (Patrick’s) status in society seem to ignore or just not notice his murderous tendencies. Plus, some people (to their own benefit I’m assuming) cover up his crimes. No one below his level in society does that that though. The hooker screams and runs. The cop tries to investigate him. Everyone else just ignores his comments (and occasional confessions) and goes on with their lives. I don’t know how any of this goes down in the book. I wish I did. The first time I saw the movie I watched it because Christian Bale was in it and I hadn’t seen any movies he’d been in besides Batman Begins.(I had other reasons as well but those aren’t important) Anyway, I meant to not watch it, (I don’t like watching movies before I read the books they’re based on) but it was too damn interesting. Yuppie goes crazy and kills people in horrible ways? See also, things that get my attention.

On an unrelated tangent, where did Beyonce get those thigh high boots she was wearing in the sweet dreams vid? I watching right now (sort of) so I’m wondering. Now it’s over. I know it’s not the boots that get people’s attention in that vid. (If you’ve seen it you know too) The gold suit does make me wonder, but Gaga wears something similar in her Paparazzi vid and Gaga has people who makes these things for her, so I assume Beyonce got her suit through similar channels. All the same that’s pretty much the worst example of someone wearing the same outfit I’ve ever seen, but back to my point. I never see boots that high up these days. I have to wonder were she got them. (I’m a fan of boots in general; high ones especially) I know how Beyonce got her body, (apparently she works out for four hours every day) but the boots perplex me.

New unrelated tangent. (Actually, this  tangent might turn out to be related) Why don’t they play more reruns of interesting shows during the wee hours of the morning? It’s just  annoying to be up 4am and not able to find stuff to watch. (I know my sleep schedule isn’t taken into account when they make the tv schedule, I’m just saying).

I’m behind on tv. All I watch of anything is reruns. Reruns and commercials. On mute. I’ve noticed that watching Mad Men on mute makes it seem like everyone is cheating on someone with someone else, or are just being played. It’s very fun, but confusing.

I know this entry is unbelievably random, and very disorganized, but I am not going to change it. Maybe next time I’ll make sense.