Wot’s all this then?

I do believe WordPress is encouraging me to blog more. Now that I’ve got my obligatory returning blog post (with a mysterious lack of mention my return) out of the way, the rest should be easy.

Shoot for 35, it says? I don’t think I’ve had as many as 32 yet, and if I do, that’s pathetic.  Seriously, how long have I had this thing?

ANYWAY, I don’t know how well the whole hitting 35 post thing is going to go, because I don’t have anything to write about. I never do. It’s a grand shame, really. All this webspace and nothing of value to put in it.  I really don’t think I should be writing anything right now anyway. I have studying I need to do. What am I studying? That’s irrelevant. This isn’t a diary, you know. Goodness diary is a feminine word. Journal’s a better one. Nice and neutral, that.

This post is lacking cohesion (was that the word I wanted?) so I’m thinking that I ought to say what I meant to say and have done with it.

I sort of like that bit of encouragement, although I can’t imagine what it’s for, and how it benefits WordPress to encourage me to write more. Of course, I am assuming that WordPress has an ulterior motive for cheering me on. There simply must be one.  A popular blogging platform that encourages it’s users to blog? There’s no way there isn’t an ulterior motive. This is because all the kiddies have fled to Tumblr, isn’t it?

Ahem. I think that’s quite enough of my rambling for right now. Perhaps I will hit that 35 post benchmark. It could happen. It’s not like I’m busy or anything.

Next time: I get one post closer to the benchmark if I do indeed write a post. Haven and Hearth is a game that takes too long to acquire things in, much like every mmo ever.


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