Hatsune Miku and the Amazing horse.

Those two things have nothing to do with each other. That’s really the first thing I need to say. The second is that I have been gone for a very long time. Criminally long, really. I think I just got tired or distracted or something. Erm,….or something may have been it. I mean how exhausting can blogging possibly be?

More importantly, Hatsune Miku. It’s faster to link to Wikipedia than launch into a full explanation for those who don’t know, so that is what I will do. I will also do some explaining so you don’t have to actually follow the link. Hatsune Miku is a character that sings. Well, technically Miku is the face of a program that sings. The basics (or what I remember) is that Miku is a vocaloid. She has a synthesized voice and sings whatever you type (In Japanese). Her voice is fairly high, and originally belonged to a real person.  Miku’s not the only one of her kind. There are others, but Miku’s the one that everyone seems to know. I only remember the name of one other Vocaloid, and that’s Luka. I believe she has pink hair. Fortunately, there are nerdier people than me on the internet and they know a fair bit about the vocaloids. Here, have a Tvtropes link.  What does any of this have to do with an amazing horse? Nothing, as I said before. However, I did mention in the post before this one that I wanted Miku to sing the Amazing Horse song. It seemed like a good idea at the time. What’s this Amazing Horse song I’m going on about?


At the time I wrote my last post, I had recently spent a day on KnowYourMeme looking at various versions of that song. I found it to be highly entertaining. Hatsune Miku came into it because that was also the day I’d been looking at Ievan Polka/Leekspin and other anime related memes.  Miku isn’t the leek girl, but there’s a Miku version of Ievan Polka (I believe I posted about this already). The point is the that the two things got smushed together in my head somehow, and hearing Miku sing the Amazing Horse song suddenly seemed like something that would be cool. However, it now occurs to me that two vocaloids would be necessary to sing it correctly. Hopefully, someone with a lot of time on their hands and a fondness for memes will make this happen.

Important Things To Know About Miku:

She is the face of singing software. She is not from an anime. Asking what anime she’s from will get you laughed off the internet.

Important Things To Know About the Amazing Horse Song:

Not much really. It’s just amusing. I believe a fellow known as Weebl made it.

Next Time: American Psycho. Again? But why? Because you touch yourself at night. Also, Touhou.


Watchmen, amongst other things.

I read Watchmen recently. The whole thing. (insert annoying, but amusing internet meme reference here) I suppose I could say that I found it to be life-changing or that I think it’s the most awesome thing ever, and everybody should read it, but none of those things are true. I don’t think it’s the most awesome thing ever, and maybe I should, but I just don’t. (picture me shrugging here) I thought it was good, and thought provoking, despite the fact that I compared the villain/hero to Light Yagami after reading the ending.  That  little tidbit probably says more about me than it does about the graphic novel though.

I don’t think everybody should read it because it just doesn’t seem like it’s for everybody. It doesn’t really read like other comic or graphic novel I’ve ever gotten my hands on, and not everybody is likable, or even cool, even though most of the characters are supposed to be heroes. Take Rorschach’s character, for example. Hell, take any of the Watchmen characters. They’re all kinda messed up, and not in that cool, they’re so misunderstood with their dark and mysterious pasts kinda way. They’re just the regular kind of messed up. Like the kind of messed up people you meet in real life. Rorschach is the worst in this respect. Not that he’s a bad character (he’s my personal favorite) he’s just really really messed up. Also, I found the ending to be a bit horrifying. The very end soothed me a little, but I found the first part of the ending to be a bit horrifying. I think that was part of the point, though. If you’ve read Watchmen, you know. If you haven’t, maybe you should. The ending is important in more than few ways. It makes you think.


Wasting time being random. EDIT: I last edited this draft in December 09 so all the stuff about Watchmen is hella old now. For me, any way. Facebook stuff is new.

Facebook is…the same. I’m not stuck on any games at the moment. Losing the internet or a hiccup in the schedule does that, I find, but I’m thinking about becoming re-stuck on some. Only a few though, and only a little bit. Don’t need a Facebook addiction at the moment. Not a serious one, anyway. I’m mostly focused on playing catch up with some games (friends scores have seriously spiked, to the point of concern) and…other wise I don’t know. I notice that I’m rarely on my Facebook if I’m not checking a game…I don’t use it for much. I’m considering actually using it to… (cue dramatic music)…connect with people. Yeah. That’s a novel thing to do for me. I never did get Facebook, and  I have said that before.

Twitter. Yes again.

Twitter is still odd. Following more people; trying to figure out what to do with it. That’s all it is, I guess. I’m tweeting, at least when I remember to tweet. Much like here, when I blog when remember that I have a blog and that I should blog in it. I’m behind on a ton of blog reading here now that I think about it….

Anyway, I don’t know what to use Twitter for anymore than I know what to use my little-read blog for. I’m considering linking my accounts up. I already linked on other account to this one. It’s on my about page. Maybe I’ll link twitter up to the account I’ve got linked here…or not. I may link my twitter to this, provided that I ever tweet anything of interest. For now though, I just have it. It’s just there. And I tweet on occasion.

The internet. All of it.

The internet is the biggest time suck I’ve ever come across. The whole thing. It’s just vast… and the links are so many…I never get bored with it. That’s my problem. I don’t ever get bored with it. I’ve got this blog…thing… accounts for other things all over the damn place, twitter included. I wandered around stumbleupon recently and found some interesting stuff. I couldn’t stop clicking that “stumble” button though. That messes me up for hours, I notice. Facebook does not help. Blogsites prompt archive binges, (search tvtropes for that one) all browsers support tabs now, which really does not help, Youtube is filled with interesting weird people, and Tv shows now, apparently…

Most times, I have two Firefox windows upon, with an untold number of tabs in each. I count thirteen in this window alone. If  I open another browser all bets are off. This might simply be a reflection on my lack of ability to close tabs, so really it’s not the internet’s fault. The internet can be useful and might be able to help me with some other things though. Some things that are productive, for a change. Like typing properly. I currently type….wrongly. I think the internet may help me fix this. I may also want to learn a language. I hear the internet can help with that too. It’s nice to know that it’s not just good for wasting of time. Nice to remember, more like it. I did know that before, but back then I used it to waste time too, which I suppose means that old habits die hard. I am tempted to use an emoticon here. Goodness knows I can. It is my blog. I won’t though. I mustn’t…

Next time: Will my struggle against my use of emoticons prevail? Will the next post have more structure? Stay tuned.

Or don’t.

I’m back, I guess…

I haven’t wanted to be here for a while.  Blogging ain’t really my deal. I blog about inane nonsense mostly, and the rest of the time I can’t think of inane nonsense to blog about. I guess I owe the internet an apology for having a blog and not blogging, but I don’t think anyone cares. Even if people read this, I don’t think my blog is particularly interesting. Oh well. Sorry, internet people.

Yesterday, (previously earlier tonight, now yesterday) I saw something on the youtube that made me happy. Happier than it should have made me, probably. “What did you see”, you ask. (You didn’t, but prepare to be told) I saw the pinball counting animation from sesame street. For the number twelve. Like I said, it made me happier than it should have. I was also reminded of my five year old life goals, one of which was to have a rubber ducky just like Ernie.

Moving on, life is the same, except I now have unfettered access to the internet. This is bad for me. Problem is, I get so distracted by it that I never get anything done. (like now) I’ve got some things I’m supposed to be doing right now, but because of the internet I’m now distracted. It’s not like I did any better when I had limited internet access though. My mind wanders, sometimes without my permission, sometimes by my orders. Life is annoying sometimes.

I’m thinking about reorganizing my playlist. It’s not out of order exactly, but the order it’s in annoys me. It used to be that I could listen to the whole thing from beginning to end without a problem. I just added new songs to it, though. So right now my problem is putting it in order so that that each song follows the one before it and doesn’t throw me off my groove. (Fallout Boy following Disturbed anyone?)

I have too much time on my hands, none of which I use constructively. Example: [Link]

Only click the link if you can afford to lose ten hours. It’s to a Tvtropes page I was reading. I don’t know how it does it, but that site is addictive. More addictive than pistachios. (The previous sentence is quote from something, so comment if you know what)  I have work to do, so I’m going to stop typing. Hopefully I won’t actually end up rearranging my playlist today. I’ll lose hours doing that mess.