Instead of…

…catching up on all the blog reading I fell behind on, I added a new one to the list. Possible archive binge to follow.

Instead of doing something constructive, productive etc. I got distracted by the internet.

Instead of catching up on my Genshiken or Berserk, I binged on Uzumaki and didn’t get scared in the least. (more on this later)

Instead of finding worthwhile things to tweet about, I began following yet another person, and stalked Mashable some more. (possible twitter stalking issues maybe?)

Instead of getting into that new show I said I would watch: White Collar, Mad Men, Alice (pick any one, doesn’t matter really) I’m watching reruns of Burn Notice. In no way a bad thing, naturally, I simply fail at television watching.

Instead of writing in my blog…thing, I got distracted by a sudden social life. Very random, that.

Instead of reading any of those books I’m supposed to read, I got distracted by mylifeisaverage.

Instead of doing any housework, I reorganized my playlists. My surprise at a finding certain songs was offset by not finding some others. Could have sworn I had Bound for the Floor already…

Instead of eating, I slept. That does, however, explain why I woke up hungry…

Instead of doing my exercise, like I planned, I got distracted by Tv.

And instead of making a real post, I made a dull list of things I should have done.

I fail at blogging.

Next time: Will my next blogging attempt fail epically or be awesome? Stay tuned. Or don’t. Let’s face it, you have better things to do.


Ugly theme colors, puppies, and Bones

And now, a three point entry.

1. I don’t much care for the colors in my current theme.

I just don’t.

I’ll probably change it later, but at the moment my theme is black letterhead, the colors of which annoy me. Actually just one color annoys me.

The orange.

I wish it was red, or blue, something like that. The orange bugs me. I’m don’t like any of the other themes enough to switch though.

2. Bones….

At the time of my first post (which was dull and of little importance) I had thought I needed to stop typing and go watch Bones (a tv show I like) because A. I fail at blogging due to frequent writers block, and B. I thought Bones was on. It was not. You can imagine my disapointment. Ever since then I have felt the need to retract my first post by saying: Bones was not on. I lied to the internet.

Not that it matters of course, it was just bugging me. All that matters is that I’m watching Bones now.

3. The puppies.

I mentioned the puppies in my last post. There are four of them, three boys one girl. My dog had them. She originally had seven. One died and two were given away. They are very… energetic. I didn’t actually clean up their muddy pawprints. Someone else did that. I had planned to do it, but wanted to type about doing it first. Muddy pawprints are not the worst they’ve left on the floor anyway.