I shouldn’t be playing Haven and Hearth.

Not again.

World Six though…

Ahem. What I’m here to say is that Haven and Hearth is not particularly amazing, and World Six makes me miss World Five because all of my stuff was there.


Haven and Hearth is an MMO, which (now that I think about it) doesn’t make sense as a term unless you add the RPG part, because MMORPG means Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game and MMO only means Massive Multiplayer Online, and this is most definitely a run-on sentence now, and I have to stop making those as it is a very bad habit of mine.

Right then. Haven and Hearth is not Massive, but it is Multiplayer, and it also fits the rest of that acronym. I play it now because I used to play it with a group. I didn’t know anyone in that group, and I still don’t. The only thing we had in common was the website we frequented. It shall not be named here, because that is against the rules of Fight Club. Yes, Fight Club. That’s not the name of the website, either, so don’t go looking. The actual website has nothing to do with Fight Club except that the (unofficial) rules are similar. It’s split up into sections, this website, and the section I was browsing had a thread in it about this game. Some of the denizens of this section had made a village in Haven and Hearth, and were giving out the information for other people to come and join.

Haven and Hearth works thusly: You make a character, and spawn someplace. If you have a hearth secret to use, you’ll spawn at that person’s hearth fire. Otherwise, you spawn in the wilderness. Also, character death is permanent. You can inherit some things from your previous dead character, but that’s it. WoW, it ain’t. You also have to click to walk.

I spawned near the village the first time, but the downside was that the village was near a coniferous forest, which is a terrible place to spawn if you use up stamina and get too hungry, which I did. I spent the first several (days? weeks?) on the verge of starvation. Interestingly, my character died of something else entirely. Once I finally started to get my virtual life together, I drowned. You really have to watch that stamina bar. I made a new character and inherited my old property, but shortly afterwards the village was attacked. I was asleep/offline at the time. None of my stuff was taken (I lived outside the walls), but the attack made me paranoid nonetheless. So I started moving. I got some things together, and prepared to build a house as far away from in-game human civilization as I could get. (as a side note, never ever build within sight of a river, it is beyond foolish.) I got busy, and when I came back to play my old character, World five was gone. Apparently there was some sort of technical mishap, so the creators reset everything. This is irritating, because like any proper MMO, Haven and Hearth requires you to invest hours of your free time into achieving anything of value in-game; like building a house, or owning property.

So I am back at square one. And I already have to move. One of the things that makes Haven and Hearth unique is that players can steal from one another, and no one considers your property yours unless have a claim on it. Getting a claim means yeomanry. Yeomanry requires 4,000 LP. 4,000 LP means I will be playing this game a while. And I have to move because I live near people and at least some of them are Russian which means a language barrier, and I don’t know how the nearby villages  feel about feckless newbies just wandering about. Players can kill each other too, and like I said, death is permanent.

This is all I have in the world. Also, there's some stuff in the leanto. And in the wicker basket. It's not much.

Haven and Hearth is easy to find via Google, but the wiki for it isn’t. That’s here. Ring of Brogdar isn’t the first thing to come up when you google Haven and Hearth wiki, which is why I had to link to it. The wikia is not up to date. Ring of Brogdar is very useful, especially if you read the main page, and click the “Read me First” link in the box labeled “Special Information.”

I will not be giving out my hearth secret as I do not have one set. Also, I suspect no one reads this blog. In case anyone does though (and wants to play the game for whatever reason), the wiki link’s up here, and Google is your friend. I should probably mention that this game is in Alpha, so stuff changes occasionally.  Like the entire world.

Next time: My Drunk Kitchen, The Legend that is Hannah Hart.


This is just to say

that I have noticed that there is a Tumblr theme on WordPress now. I don’t know if it was called Vertigo on Tumblr or not, and I’m too lazy to check. It looks better here, though. I think the tendency of of WordPress blogs to have well, words suits it better.

-this post was not inspired by e.e. cummings or Ezra Pound, or whoever it was that wrote that bit about the plums in the ice box.

Next time: Haven and Hearth. For real this time.

Wot’s all this then?

I do believe WordPress is encouraging me to blog more. Now that I’ve got my obligatory returning blog post (with a mysterious lack of mention my return) out of the way, the rest should be easy.

Shoot for 35, it says? I don’t think I’ve had as many as 32 yet, and if I do, that’s pathetic.  Seriously, how long have I had this thing?

ANYWAY, I don’t know how well the whole hitting 35 post thing is going to go, because I don’t have anything to write about. I never do. It’s a grand shame, really. All this webspace and nothing of value to put in it.  I really don’t think I should be writing anything right now anyway. I have studying I need to do. What am I studying? That’s irrelevant. This isn’t a diary, you know. Goodness diary is a feminine word. Journal’s a better one. Nice and neutral, that.

This post is lacking cohesion (was that the word I wanted?) so I’m thinking that I ought to say what I meant to say and have done with it.

I sort of like that bit of encouragement, although I can’t imagine what it’s for, and how it benefits WordPress to encourage me to write more. Of course, I am assuming that WordPress has an ulterior motive for cheering me on. There simply must be one.  A popular blogging platform that encourages it’s users to blog? There’s no way there isn’t an ulterior motive. This is because all the kiddies have fled to Tumblr, isn’t it?

Ahem. I think that’s quite enough of my rambling for right now. Perhaps I will hit that 35 post benchmark. It could happen. It’s not like I’m busy or anything.

Next time: I get one post closer to the benchmark if I do indeed write a post. Haven and Hearth is a game that takes too long to acquire things in, much like every mmo ever.

I suppose I should try to have an interesting life.

Unfortunately, that would take a great deal more effort than I am willing to expend. Does expend mean what I think it does? I don’t know~

Some things. (Numbered in order from 1 – 8 )

Thing 1. I have read literature recently. This pleased me greatly. The downside is that I keep wanting to discuss the poetry of T.S Eliot with random people. (How smart does a person have to be to understand The Wasteland, anyway?)

2. The writing of Donald Barthelme has inspired me to write stories (pieces? texts?) that don’t necessarily make sense but are fun to read anyway.  Yes, this is related to the literature reading. Yes, I have had this phase already, but it was inspired by Lewis Carroll and this blog didn’t exist then.

4. I have acquired a new pen. It’s one of those cheap red and white advertising affairs, but I like it because it is a pen and it was free.

5. I have acquired a new book. It’s about psychology.

6. Someone left an expensive looking pair of sunglasses in a library for over a year. They belong to me now.

7. The word slumgullion means “a stew” I think it’s supposed to be a stew with meat and vegetables in it.  Firefox doesn’t realize that it’s a real word, which is a shame.

Thing 8. (the last thing) I don’t think that erythropoiesis is the same thing as hemopoiesis although I am certain that hemopoiesis is required for erythropoeisis. Yes, this is a random thought I had this afternoon and only shared because I enjoy showing off the words I learn.

Amazingly, this is the end of this post. That’s a good thing, because I’ve hit 750 or 1000 words before and that’s really not necessary when I don’t actually say much.

Next time: ???

Hatsune Miku and the Amazing horse.

Those two things have nothing to do with each other. That’s really the first thing I need to say. The second is that I have been gone for a very long time. Criminally long, really. I think I just got tired or distracted or something. Erm,….or something may have been it. I mean how exhausting can blogging possibly be?

More importantly, Hatsune Miku. It’s faster to link to Wikipedia than launch into a full explanation for those who don’t know, so that is what I will do. I will also do some explaining so you don’t have to actually follow the link. Hatsune Miku is a character that sings. Well, technically Miku is the face of a program that sings. The basics (or what I remember) is that Miku is a vocaloid. She has a synthesized voice and sings whatever you type (In Japanese). Her voice is fairly high, and originally belonged to a real person.  Miku’s not the only one of her kind. There are others, but Miku’s the one that everyone seems to know. I only remember the name of one other Vocaloid, and that’s Luka. I believe she has pink hair. Fortunately, there are nerdier people than me on the internet and they know a fair bit about the vocaloids. Here, have a Tvtropes link.  What does any of this have to do with an amazing horse? Nothing, as I said before. However, I did mention in the post before this one that I wanted Miku to sing the Amazing Horse song. It seemed like a good idea at the time. What’s this Amazing Horse song I’m going on about?


At the time I wrote my last post, I had recently spent a day on KnowYourMeme looking at various versions of that song. I found it to be highly entertaining. Hatsune Miku came into it because that was also the day I’d been looking at Ievan Polka/Leekspin and other anime related memes.  Miku isn’t the leek girl, but there’s a Miku version of Ievan Polka (I believe I posted about this already). The point is the that the two things got smushed together in my head somehow, and hearing Miku sing the Amazing Horse song suddenly seemed like something that would be cool. However, it now occurs to me that two vocaloids would be necessary to sing it correctly. Hopefully, someone with a lot of time on their hands and a fondness for memes will make this happen.

Important Things To Know About Miku:

She is the face of singing software. She is not from an anime. Asking what anime she’s from will get you laughed off the internet.

Important Things To Know About the Amazing Horse Song:

Not much really. It’s just amusing. I believe a fellow known as Weebl made it.

Next Time: American Psycho. Again? But why? Because you touch yourself at night. Also, Touhou.

Sanctuary, Ilevan Polka

Sanctuary is a Sci fi show. I’m behind on it, but I don’t really care because I’m a bit bothered by it’s recent play times. Lately, it’s been in The X-files spot, which is at 2am in the morning on Sci-fi channel (I’m not spelling it SyFy, that spelling’s stupid) This wouldn’t matter and I wouldn’t care, except that I like The X-files. I know that it’s been over for years, but that’s not the point. The point is that I like watching the reruns. I like watching reruns of shows I like, and on Tv is as good as anyplace to watch them. So what? You say. Buy the box set, you say. I don’t have money for that. I rarely have money for things like that. For that reason, Tv is currently the most convenient place I can watch X-files reruns. Now, Sanctuary used to be in the spot right after the X-files. That was fine. I liked it there. I’d like it in it’s new place too if The X-files played after, but they don’t. I’m guessing that Sci-fi channel’s moved the show or taken it off, and I know that they don’t care what one random idiot who stays up too late thinks,  but I wish they wouldn’t. I never did manage to see all the episodes, and I’m still trying to. However, this post was supposed to be about Sanctuary, not the X-files. I shall try to get back on track.

Sanctuary is okay. I don’t think I like it as much as the X-files, but I always figured I wouldn’t. The only reason I ever watch it is because Amanda Tapping plays Dr. Helen Magnus. Helen Magnus is the main main character. She runs this place called the sanctuary. It’s a sanctuary for abnormals (think mutants and fantasy creatures) and it doubles as a research facility for studying abnormals.  I don’t know many other character’s names. There’s a guy who works there, he seems new to the whole thing, seems normal. I think his name is Daniel. (too lazy to Google)  There’s another guy, the Techie. Then there’s a ape looking fellow. He seems friendly. As for the females, there are two besides Magnus. One is her daughter, Ashley. She helps out from time to time. I don’t know the other girl’s name. She seems snarky. Anyway, the reason I don’t think I like Sanctuary as much as the X-Files is because I don’t have a favorite character. That, and it’s just not the same.  The reason Amanda Tapping has any bearing on why I watch the show is because she was in Stargate Sg-1, also known as the best of the Stargates.  (in my opinion)  Sanctuary really just reminds me of Mutant-X. Sorta. I recalled similar issues liking that show. Fortunately, I had a favorite character. Unfortunately…

Well… never mind. I shouldn’t mention it here. I’m done with the Sanctuary/Sci-fi Tv shows part of the post anyway. Onwards to…!

Ilevan Polka.

Here, have a vid:

That’s the Loituma Girl vid. It’s just a looped animation of Orihime Inoue from the second episode of Bleach. I like the song. I looped it for six hours via leekpsin. It’s one of those random anime memes that I happen to know about. The other two are Carmelldansen and Caipirinha. The first is annoying, the second is equally so. That’s just my opinion though.  I don’t know why I like Ilevan Polka. I just do. I like when Hatsune Miku sings it too. My hearing her sing it sparked a very random anime meme/all things Hatsune Miku craze. It only lasted half a day, but it was fun in it’s own random way.

And just for kicks, have the Hatsune Miku vid as well:

I’m over 600 words, so I’m stopping now.

Next Time: Who’s Hatsune Miku? Glad you asked. Also, my horse is amazing.

Cereal, etc.

I like cereal. Raisin Bran Crunch is a nice one, I’ve often thought. So is Frosted Flakes. Both were a nice enough start to the morning back in the days when I had cereal and a reason to get up and go someplace. I don’t have much to say about cereal now except that I like it and I haven’t had it in while. It doesn’t last very long around me. Frankly, I thought that I would have more to say about cereal. I do like it. But maybe it’s not the same anymore because I haven’t had any in a bit and the cereal I did have wasn’t either of the two I mentioned. Not that I only like those two, mind. But the cereal I had last wasn’t sweet at all. I would have liked it to at least have been sweet.

Moving along,

Envelopes get X-rays too:

The important thing is what shows up on the X-ray. If you can’t see it, it says. “listen to Ice Cream by Muscles.” I always do what I’m told to do by random webcomics, so naturally I went and Googled the song. About half of it was on iLike. I liked, so I scampered off to Youtube to listen to the whole thing. It’s a fun song. I’m not listening to it now though. I’m listening to Disturbed. I think the song is called the Haunted.


It’s called Haunted. I just needed to exnay the article. My playlist has been playing many songs similar to it during the time I’ve spent writing this post, so it’s odd because it’s throwing  off the mood. Ice Cream is much more carefree in mood. The songs my playlist is throwing at me are angry and moody, and now, approaching angsty. Not that I mind. It just creates mood dissonance. Here I am thinking about that fun song that Apokalips introduced me to and The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars comes on.

It’s weird.

Anyway, Ice Cream is fun song. The lyrics make it fun. Also, I don’t know so much about how long I want to make this post. I think that 1,000 words is definitely too long this time. I don’t think that 500 words is too short. I don’t know how long a blog post should be.

The mood is back, via Die another Day. I think that the electropop-y sound has something to do with that. But let’s pretend my playlist has no pop on it and get back to the important matter of how long a blog post should be, shall we?  I think that this post will end up somewhere around 500 words. I think that’s better than me rambling on and on until I reach 700 or so words. I tire myself out re-reading my old stuff sometimes. However, that might be because I’m boring.

In other news, I have gotten completely caught up on Drawing Board. It was fun. I got caught up xkcd as well, like I said I would, but I did not get caught up on Comic jk.  This was because I wandered onto the xkcd fora and somebody posted a link to Abstruse Goose. I believe I got stuck archive binging for day or so. Abstruse Goose is very funny.

Here, see for yourself:

If that wasn’t proof enough, just click through to the comic itself. At least one of those strips will amuse. Unless of course, nerd humor isn’t your thing. Then don’t bother.

Reading the various webcomics I have resulted in me thinking about making my own. I don’t know if I would be funny though, and being funny is important. People seem to expect funny, or some kind of storyline. I don’t know if I could be funny, and I don’t really want a storyline. Plus, it would just be one more thing to remember to do. More importantly, I am far over the 500 word mark. I’m going to stop now.


Always do what webcomics tell you because Ice cream by Muscles is a fun song, and Abstruse Goose is hilarious if you like nerd humor.

Next time: Sanctuary/that show I only watch because it seems to be taking over The X-files late night spot and it has Amanda Tapping in it. Also, ILevan Polka.