Sanctuary, Ilevan Polka

Sanctuary is a Sci fi show. I’m behind on it, but I don’t really care because I’m a bit bothered by it’s recent play times. Lately, it’s been in The X-files spot, which is at 2am in the morning on Sci-fi channel (I’m not spelling it SyFy, that spelling’s stupid) This wouldn’t matter and I wouldn’t care, except that I like The X-files. I know that it’s been over for years, but that’s not the point. The point is that I like watching the reruns. I like watching reruns of shows I like, and on Tv is as good as anyplace to watch them. So what? You say. Buy the box set, you say. I don’t have money for that. I rarely have money for things like that. For that reason, Tv is currently the most convenient place I can watch X-files reruns. Now, Sanctuary used to be in the spot right after the X-files. That was fine. I liked it there. I’d like it in it’s new place too if The X-files played after, but they don’t. I’m guessing that Sci-fi channel’s moved the show or taken it off, and I know that they don’t care what one random idiot who stays up too late thinks,  but I wish they wouldn’t. I never did manage to see all the episodes, and I’m still trying to. However, this post was supposed to be about Sanctuary, not the X-files. I shall try to get back on track.

Sanctuary is okay. I don’t think I like it as much as the X-files, but I always figured I wouldn’t. The only reason I ever watch it is because Amanda Tapping plays Dr. Helen Magnus. Helen Magnus is the main main character. She runs this place called the sanctuary. It’s a sanctuary for abnormals (think mutants and fantasy creatures) and it doubles as a research facility for studying abnormals.  I don’t know many other character’s names. There’s a guy who works there, he seems new to the whole thing, seems normal. I think his name is Daniel. (too lazy to Google)  There’s another guy, the Techie. Then there’s a ape looking fellow. He seems friendly. As for the females, there are two besides Magnus. One is her daughter, Ashley. She helps out from time to time. I don’t know the other girl’s name. She seems snarky. Anyway, the reason I don’t think I like Sanctuary as much as the X-Files is because I don’t have a favorite character. That, and it’s just not the same.  The reason Amanda Tapping has any bearing on why I watch the show is because she was in Stargate Sg-1, also known as the best of the Stargates.  (in my opinion)  Sanctuary really just reminds me of Mutant-X. Sorta. I recalled similar issues liking that show. Fortunately, I had a favorite character. Unfortunately…

Well… never mind. I shouldn’t mention it here. I’m done with the Sanctuary/Sci-fi Tv shows part of the post anyway. Onwards to…!

Ilevan Polka.

Here, have a vid:

That’s the Loituma Girl vid. It’s just a looped animation of Orihime Inoue from the second episode of Bleach. I like the song. I looped it for six hours via leekpsin. It’s one of those random anime memes that I happen to know about. The other two are Carmelldansen and Caipirinha. The first is annoying, the second is equally so. That’s just my opinion though.  I don’t know why I like Ilevan Polka. I just do. I like when Hatsune Miku sings it too. My hearing her sing it sparked a very random anime meme/all things Hatsune Miku craze. It only lasted half a day, but it was fun in it’s own random way.

And just for kicks, have the Hatsune Miku vid as well:

I’m over 600 words, so I’m stopping now.

Next Time: Who’s Hatsune Miku? Glad you asked. Also, my horse is amazing.