Time Changes. Skips ahead an hour.

Result? My annoyance.

All the same it had to change, and did. I had to get used to it, and did, sort of. The WordPress announcement concerning the time change finally settled the question of why the time on my blog is (was) an hour ahead. I didn’t fall back last time, that’s why. To this I shrug my shoulders and continue on about my blogging.

News? None. Nothing has changed. Not really anyway. I’m busily researching England is all. Need to be more thorough about it, so naturally I have far too many tabs open. I found a thoroughly entertaining picture of a cat today. It’s on this blog. I didn’t have to go far to find it. The blog frontpaged on WordPress today. I saw it somewhere else before that though. Possibly Tumblr. What was I doing browsing Tumblr? Nothing really. Thought I’d have a look see is all. Also I seem to be reusing certain words and phrases this time round. “Thorough?” “is all?” Is my brain running in tautology mode?  But that isn’t really tautology, what I’m doing. What I’m doing is being dull and uninteresting. <—-Glaring Tautology.

Moving along though, nothing has been posted because there has been nothing to post. That and I’m still bad at blogging so there might not be anything to post this time either. Might not. I still may come up with an idea… any time now. It really would help to make this blog about something. Something other than me. The internet? No… Well actually, not no. I spend a lot of time on the internet after all. But the internet is such a broad topic. And I don’t go everywhere on the internet. I go a lot of places, but not everywhere. I haven’t got an interesting hobby, so no point blogging about that. My taste in music would be a bit too…erm…. I don’t want to blog about the music I like. That’s all it is. Though I will say that I heard a nice Saint Saens piece over the weekend. 3rd symphony, I think it was. Beyond that, blogging about music will likely not be something I do as a theme. Pop culture? No, I know nothing about pop culture. Not really. I only barely pay attention to who or what’s popular, unless it sweeps into the internet.

Maybe I should try a different angle. So far, these posts have been about things I was thinking about, things I found on the internet, or something random. They’re all more or less random, actually. Maybe a theme is unnecessary at the moment. I still blog without one (though the posts may be dull) and I don’t actually know enough about anything to blog about it. (barring those things I don’t want to blog about)

Back to the time change though. Do people who don’t live in the US have to deal with it?

<Goes to Google it>

Wikipedia says yes, but only some of them. To which I say: That’s interesting.

You might not think it is though.

And I’m done for now. Gone over 500 words and I think that’s enough this time.

Next Time: With Daylight Savings time over with, will there be a topic? Yes, and it will be Legos. (or some random children’s TV show)