Boohbah is (well was) a children’s Tv show. I didn’t see it until I was no longer a child. I (and people on Youtube) wonder how actual children in the age group it was meant for would view it. This is a Wikipedia page on the show. It tells you the basic facts about the program. It was intended for children ages 3-6, it started playing in the UK before it started playing in the US, Boobah is Hebrew for doll…

That’s not what’s interesting about it though. You’d have to see it to understand, so here’s the intro.

If you couldn’t be bother to click, you’re not going to get the same feeling from a description, but basically it starts out with a ball of light which the Wikipedia page calls the Boohball. That ball of light travels to bunch of different countries and plays with the children there. Then we are led inside the ball of light to see five pods in which the Boohbahs sleep. Their heads look (a little) like babies heads and their bodies appear round and sparkly. (like some sort of strange sweaters is what I always thought) Each is a different color. They only have three fingers and their mouths are not visible. They wake up one at a time as children call their names and then they look from side to side. Only their eyes move when they do this, and their eyebrows (which are a series of dots) light up. They then fly up and out of the ball, join hands in circle and float down to into a mostly blue, somewhat sparkly world. They then run about like mad people until children call their names.

That’s only the intro though. The dancing is next.

When I first saw the show I was curious because I’d never seen it before. I must have been about 14, I think. It seemed normal enough at the start. Only there were these strange colorful pod people, and then they started dancing. If I’d known about a particular meme at the time I would have said: “What is this I don’t even…”

I didn’t know though. I just watched in fascination. The dancing was vaguely mesmerizing. It would get slightly more normal, this show. There were real people in it too. However, they behave oddly. I could never really follow the storyline. In case you’re wondering why I was watching a show for 3-6 year olds when I was 14, it was because I was watching a small group of  toddlers at the time. Though they may have been napping…

Anyway, I found it to be addictive, sort of. I think it was the colors. Or maybe the idea that the whole show seemed to be on an acid trip. I don’t really know. What I do know is that I was quite pleased to see it, instead of the Teletubbies. I hated the Teletubbies. Except Po. I liked Po. According to Wikipedia, the same person who made the Teletubbies made Boohbah. I think they went a bit nuts the second time around.

And yet oddly enough Boohbah isn’t on this list, which features two shows that have always made perfect sense to me. Those two were Wishbone and Teletubbies. I said I hated Teletubbies, and I did. But I understood it just fine. It didn’t freak me out, I just disliked it greatly. Wishbone makes sense to this day. I will still totally buy the concept of a talking dog who goes on adventures through books, and I still like the idea. It just makes sense to me. Boohbah does not make that kind of sense. Maybe it’s because the Boohbahs don’t talk. They mainly dance, and the way they move their eyes is a little creepy. I swing between really liking it, and being completed freaked. It’s just really really trippy. You’d have to be on something (or a 3 yr old apparently) to get it. I keep wondering if it would have made sense if I’d seen it when I was five. However, it does console me to know that I’m not the only one who has had this reaction.

Also this:

And this:


See? Trippy as all get out.

Basically, the only equivalent I can  think of  for semi-grown people would be FLCL.

That’s all for right now though. I’m past 700 words, which makes this tl;dr prone. For those tl;dr people: Boohbah is a great show to watch when you’re high or hallucinating.

Next Time: Is Sagwa next? Will the blog be about something grown people care about instead?