And so the internet was surfed. (A bloody ancient post from two months ago)

It yielded much of interest. Some might say it yielded too much. I’m having a bit  of a time getting things done as a result. Internet surfing is also what kept me away from the blog so long. What did I find this time you ask? (you didn’t, but you shall be told none the less)

I found pictures, mostly. Of a black dalek, Darth Vader, Cake, Gillian Anderson and of treats from that festival of the phallus they have in Japan. I won’t post that picture though. It was decidedly NSFW. I also found that cool pic where Stars War Characters are in a band of some sort.

To start, the dalek:

Black Dalek

A fun webcam screen

I found it after I randomly decided to google Daleks. I think it looks cool, although I understand that they’re evil. (doesn’t watch the show) Daleks, if you didn’t know, are from the show Doctor Who. Apparently they’re bad. That’s about all I know about them and the show though. I never tried getting into it because I was behind on everything. It seemed about as sensible as trying to get into Lost now that it’s ending. So I’ve never watched it. I’m fairly certain I would like it, but I’d have to play a lot of catch up. Much like with all the other Tv I watch…

Darth Vader:



I have an explanation for why I googled Darth Vader, but it makes little sense, and anyway I don’t want to post it here.



Some sort of cake. Lemon Maybe?

Chocolate Cake


Cake and cream

O_O I suddenly need sugar...

The cake googling reason was similar to the reason for googling Darth Vader. Also did you know that the bigger and more specific you get with the image size you google, the less likely the images you get are to be of what you want?

Gillian Anderson (as in Scully)

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

I googled Gillian Anderson because I damn well felt like it. I’ve always thought she was attractive, and I’ve been watching reruns of the X-files for some time now, while wondering to myself why my hard drive lacked a massive collection of Gillian Anderson pics. Thanks to Google, it no longer does.


I don’t remember exactly how I came across this, but I suspect googling Darth Vader had some thing to do with it.

Next Time: Something shall be blogged about. Maybe it will be interesting. No promises, though.


Post to prove that the blog is not dead

It’s not.

I’m just realizing how long some of my posts are, and how few of them there are considering the amount of time I’ve had this blog. I counted 25. I think that’s a bit sad, even if  I’m not that good at blogging. I should have managed to spew enough random drivel to make more than just the 25. I mean, seriously. Anyway, I had a blog post all written up and ready to go ages ago. It was about flatland and how I only knew about flatland because of xkcd and how awful I thought that was. Flatland was great, or at least I thought it was, and I was upset that I hadn’t spent so much time devouring reading material that I had already read it, or at least heard of it. The xkcd fora claims it’s obscure though, and only assigned to math majors, so that’s something. However, all of that is old news now.

New news?

I’m on an archive binge at present. It’s a webcomic called Drawing Board. I have no idea how much longer it’s going to take me, but I intend to get caught up. Then I need to go get caught up on xkcd. Comic jk will be later, I don’t have the time because I’m really, really far behind. I’m also in the middle of other internet doings, but those are less important. I have been tweeting less often, but that’s because I don’t want to overcrowd my taskbar, or over heat the computer. That doesn’t actually explain anything though. (proceeds to explain) I have a desktop…thing (I think I mentioned it before) that I use to tweet. I don’t have it on now. I have got twitter open in a tab, but it’s not the same.

It’s just not.

In even newer news, Firefox is trying to kill itself. I don’t know why, but it is. I closed a tab, and it tried to kill itself. I opened WordPress, and it tried to kill itself. I try to type, and it tried to kill itself. (okay that time it just froze but still…)  I don’t know what I did. I can only conclude that Firefox is suddenly furious at me for some reason, or is being a bitch for no reason. It did this the last time I tried to post. I ended up losing half my work. Perhaps Firefox does not want me to blog? I honestly don’t know what that could mean. I don’t ever post about Firefox. Or is that the problem? Perhaps Firefox wants me to post about it, if only to say “You know, I use Firefox, much like everyone else IE pissed off…”  It could be that it only wanted some recognition for being the browser I use to blog. (usually) Anyway, it hasn’t tried to kill itself since I’ve started typing about it, so that’s something. Even though I don’t know what. I’m also wondering just how long a post has to be before tl;dr syndrome sets in. I’m wondering that because I’ve just gone over five hundred words and I’m wondering if I should’ve stopped sooner. I mean, it’s not like I actually said anything.

Next Time: Blog posts, how long should they be and why? Also, cereal.

Blog death? No!

So I’ve returned. I didn’t mean to be gone so long, really I didn’t, but blogging got hard, and I got distracted. I imagine that blogging will still be hard, (I fail at it) but I’m not quite as distracted at the moment. More importantly, Batman can Breathe in Space. And yes, that is a random link I’ve just inserted for no discernible reason. That’s what I’m like now. Next I’ll be linking to random webcomics just because. Speaking of which:


(Click to embiggen)

It’s a Subnormality comic where a character insists that fiction is stranger than truth. I beg to differ, not merely for the sake of argument though. I just don’t think the situation she’s described is particularly strange. If it were true, I might raise an eyebrow, but I think that would be it. Somehow, while her story strikes me as well… amusing-but-clearly-not-true, I just don’t think it’s that strange. Just interesting. It’s nice to have a story behind those cylinders that isn’t sensible. I also think she is underestimating reality. I mean, reality can be pretty mundane, but it can also be very, mind bendingly strange. People’s imaginations have limits on them. We can make up ridiculous stories, but that’s fine. That’s fiction. If it happens in real life, it’s automatically stranger because it happened for real. Also, I’d wager that there are plenty of super strange things that have happened for real that no one believes happened because they just doesn’t sound believable enough. And another thing. If you do like that character does and make up fiction that’s stranger than reality, that’s cheating. At least, that’s what I think. If you’ve got to leach off of reality just to make your fiction stranger, reality wins. Reality doesn’t have to make any sense or be understandable. About all it’s got to do is be. Plus, we don’t know all there is to know about reality anyway. It might be a billion times stranger than we thought. The amount of strange allowed for in fiction depends on the reality we know and the extent of  the authors imagination.

I’m just saying. Give reality a chance, you know?


Reality Tv is dumb except for Deadliest Catch

This is true.

It is also a random tangent.

In a not-so-random tangent, isn’t the phrase “Batman can breath in space” awesome? I think it’s awesome.

Returning blog entry end

Next Time: Will the blog entry be longer? Will it actually contain something of substance? Will anybody care?

Blogging is hard

But I won’t complain. Much.

Whiny Section of Post

I still don’t know why I do this…blogging thing… It’s not as if I’m being paid or anything. Some days it’s not particularly fun to blog either. I feel obligated though. For absolutely no damn reason, I feel obligated. I don’t have regular readers. I don’t think I do anyway.  I seem to be mostly typing into the abyss, or something that equates to that but doesn’t sound stupid and makes more sense.  I just don’t know… about this and me… gah…

On the bright side, I think I’ve figured why other people blog, or do any social networking things. I didn’t get it at first, but it seems to be because friends (or just people) make it fun. It seems to be a kind of the more the merrier sort of thing. Writing and knowing other people give a damn about what you say can be fun, I guess. I don’t think everyone who does it does it for that reason though. It’s just the hypothesis that makes sense (to me).

Back on the “Blogging is hard” theme, I think I might have a mild case of writer’s block or something. Short on ideas is what I am. I attempt to be interesting, but I’ve been doing that regularly (in writing) a lot more often lately. I think my being unused to this amount of blogging is what’s messing things up. It’s okay though, because can just ramble on and on about nothing until I get an idea. I seem to have a knack for that. Rambling on and on about nothing, that is.  Getting ideas, I have trouble with. Making those ideas sound interesting, I have even more trouble with. I’m dreadfully dull. That’s the real trouble. I shall have to remedy this somehow. Perhaps I should go out into the world and…do…something…

The Fix

I really haven’t got the faintest idea what to do to fix my being dull. Perhaps I should become a fauxhemian. I’m already getting good at liking bands no one’s heard of. All I need now is the wardrobe…

<leaves to go check closet>

Nope, forget the fauxhemian thing. That’s pretty much a lost cause.  I don’t have any clothes that are “distressed” enough or clash properly.

However, reading the urban dictionary definitions of fauxhemian was an excellent waste of time. Reading the definitions of hipster was an even more excellent waste of time. Mostly because the hipster definitions are longer and funnier. There are also more of them. The scenester definitions were fun too. It was just nice to have it all explained. Now I feel like I’m all caught up on popular culture.

Random Music Video


It’s kind of cool, I thought. But kinda weird too. Mildly disorienting. Hadn’t heard the song in years even though I’d intended to remember it. That was odd. It’s not like the song title or the band name are forgettable.

Next Time: An idea, I has it! …Or not.

Less whining. (Probably)

Videogames, the taste of donuts, etc.

Why the random topic? Because I got nothing. At the moment the only things on my mind are the video game I just played and the taste of a glazed donut. Neither are really important in any way. The video game is a racing game that I don’t know the name of, which is a good thing because it’s not exactly awesome. The game physics suck, mostly. I mean, how can you possibly hit another car going at over 100 mph and be able to just keep racing? Shouldn’t be possible. Even if it is a video game.  But the thing with this game is that it doesn’t show damage of any kind. It doesn’t matter if you frigging flip the car, it’ll just flip back over without any sign of the massive damage that would have been inflicted if the video game was realistic. This bothers me, but only a little. I’ve played racing games with realistic damage and for me the object became to see how badly I could mess up the car, and what I would need to do to it. Basically, I would try to crash deliberately, but  also creatively. At least one game had the object of causing damage to the cars around you, so that made for some epic crash scenes. Also fun was pausing it at a moment during the epic crash scene. You could rotate it, so that way you could view the epic carnage from all sides. Supreme fun, that.  I’m not great at racing games though. I’m not great at video games of any genre, mostly because I don’t play as much as I used to. I’m out of practice. I don’t think that’s any excuse for how badly I fail at Halo though. I’m quite bad. I die nearly every minute. However, in my defense, I am not used to the gameplay in Halo. I’m used to games like Ninja Gaiden, or at least Ninja Gaiden is easier for me. Haven’t beat it yet, but I do like it. Maybe it’s the idea that I mostly only  need to mash buttons mindlessly in Ninja Gaiden, and in Halo I need a strategy of some kind. Plus, mashing buttons mindlessly in Halo tends to get me killed.

The Taste of Donuts

I had glazed donut few minutes ago. I like donuts, generally, especially the glazed ones. This one didn’t taste as nice I’d hoped though. It was nice, but not the nice I was used to. I’m half wondering if putting it in the microwave is what made the difference.  I also wondering if I’ve just gotten sick of glazed donuts. I imagine I shall have to run some test to find out. I should get a box of glazed donuts and see how it goes…


Top Gear is amusing this evening.  Geoff is passing all the tests!

Next Time: Will there be more Top Gear? Shall the blogger who doesn’t do blogs share their opinion on The Stig’s vegetarian cousin?




Boohbah is (well was) a children’s Tv show. I didn’t see it until I was no longer a child. I (and people on Youtube) wonder how actual children in the age group it was meant for would view it. This is a Wikipedia page on the show. It tells you the basic facts about the program. It was intended for children ages 3-6, it started playing in the UK before it started playing in the US, Boobah is Hebrew for doll…

That’s not what’s interesting about it though. You’d have to see it to understand, so here’s the intro.

If you couldn’t be bother to click, you’re not going to get the same feeling from a description, but basically it starts out with a ball of light which the Wikipedia page calls the Boohball. That ball of light travels to bunch of different countries and plays with the children there. Then we are led inside the ball of light to see five pods in which the Boohbahs sleep. Their heads look (a little) like babies heads and their bodies appear round and sparkly. (like some sort of strange sweaters is what I always thought) Each is a different color. They only have three fingers and their mouths are not visible. They wake up one at a time as children call their names and then they look from side to side. Only their eyes move when they do this, and their eyebrows (which are a series of dots) light up. They then fly up and out of the ball, join hands in circle and float down to into a mostly blue, somewhat sparkly world. They then run about like mad people until children call their names.

That’s only the intro though. The dancing is next.

When I first saw the show I was curious because I’d never seen it before. I must have been about 14, I think. It seemed normal enough at the start. Only there were these strange colorful pod people, and then they started dancing. If I’d known about a particular meme at the time I would have said: “What is this I don’t even…”

I didn’t know though. I just watched in fascination. The dancing was vaguely mesmerizing. It would get slightly more normal, this show. There were real people in it too. However, they behave oddly. I could never really follow the storyline. In case you’re wondering why I was watching a show for 3-6 year olds when I was 14, it was because I was watching a small group of  toddlers at the time. Though they may have been napping…

Anyway, I found it to be addictive, sort of. I think it was the colors. Or maybe the idea that the whole show seemed to be on an acid trip. I don’t really know. What I do know is that I was quite pleased to see it, instead of the Teletubbies. I hated the Teletubbies. Except Po. I liked Po. According to Wikipedia, the same person who made the Teletubbies made Boohbah. I think they went a bit nuts the second time around.

And yet oddly enough Boohbah isn’t on this list, which features two shows that have always made perfect sense to me. Those two were Wishbone and Teletubbies. I said I hated Teletubbies, and I did. But I understood it just fine. It didn’t freak me out, I just disliked it greatly. Wishbone makes sense to this day. I will still totally buy the concept of a talking dog who goes on adventures through books, and I still like the idea. It just makes sense to me. Boohbah does not make that kind of sense. Maybe it’s because the Boohbahs don’t talk. They mainly dance, and the way they move their eyes is a little creepy. I swing between really liking it, and being completed freaked. It’s just really really trippy. You’d have to be on something (or a 3 yr old apparently) to get it. I keep wondering if it would have made sense if I’d seen it when I was five. However, it does console me to know that I’m not the only one who has had this reaction.

Also this:

And this:


See? Trippy as all get out.

Basically, the only equivalent I can  think of  for semi-grown people would be FLCL.

That’s all for right now though. I’m past 700 words, which makes this tl;dr prone. For those tl;dr people: Boohbah is a great show to watch when you’re high or hallucinating.

Next Time: Is Sagwa next? Will the blog be about something grown people care about instead?



Time Changes. Skips ahead an hour.

Result? My annoyance.

All the same it had to change, and did. I had to get used to it, and did, sort of. The WordPress announcement concerning the time change finally settled the question of why the time on my blog is (was) an hour ahead. I didn’t fall back last time, that’s why. To this I shrug my shoulders and continue on about my blogging.

News? None. Nothing has changed. Not really anyway. I’m busily researching England is all. Need to be more thorough about it, so naturally I have far too many tabs open. I found a thoroughly entertaining picture of a cat today. It’s on this blog. I didn’t have to go far to find it. The blog frontpaged on WordPress today. I saw it somewhere else before that though. Possibly Tumblr. What was I doing browsing Tumblr? Nothing really. Thought I’d have a look see is all. Also I seem to be reusing certain words and phrases this time round. “Thorough?” “is all?” Is my brain running in tautology mode?  But that isn’t really tautology, what I’m doing. What I’m doing is being dull and uninteresting. <—-Glaring Tautology.

Moving along though, nothing has been posted because there has been nothing to post. That and I’m still bad at blogging so there might not be anything to post this time either. Might not. I still may come up with an idea… any time now. It really would help to make this blog about something. Something other than me. The internet? No… Well actually, not no. I spend a lot of time on the internet after all. But the internet is such a broad topic. And I don’t go everywhere on the internet. I go a lot of places, but not everywhere. I haven’t got an interesting hobby, so no point blogging about that. My taste in music would be a bit too…erm…. I don’t want to blog about the music I like. That’s all it is. Though I will say that I heard a nice Saint Saens piece over the weekend. 3rd symphony, I think it was. Beyond that, blogging about music will likely not be something I do as a theme. Pop culture? No, I know nothing about pop culture. Not really. I only barely pay attention to who or what’s popular, unless it sweeps into the internet.

Maybe I should try a different angle. So far, these posts have been about things I was thinking about, things I found on the internet, or something random. They’re all more or less random, actually. Maybe a theme is unnecessary at the moment. I still blog without one (though the posts may be dull) and I don’t actually know enough about anything to blog about it. (barring those things I don’t want to blog about)

Back to the time change though. Do people who don’t live in the US have to deal with it?

<Goes to Google it>

Wikipedia says yes, but only some of them. To which I say: That’s interesting.

You might not think it is though.

And I’m done for now. Gone over 500 words and I think that’s enough this time.

Next Time: With Daylight Savings time over with, will there be a topic? Yes, and it will be Legos. (or some random children’s TV show)