Don’t read this.

Because it’s stupid and pointless and boring and idiotic.

For everyone (or no one if no one reads this) who chooses to ignore the title, I will be blogging about attack spiders, Andromeda (the Tv show not the constellation), Big O, and other assorted nonsense.

A. Attack spiders.

In truth there was only one attack spider. I saw it around 4 am the night before last, descending from the ceiling at an amazing speed. I didn’t know what it was at first so I turned my light on (only the tv was on at the time) to see if it was a fly with malevolent intentions. It was not. The moment I saw it was a spider, though, I killed it with my remote and disposed of the body. Ever since then I’ve wondered what that spider would’ve done if I had been asleep. When I saw it it was coming right at me.  Like it was on a mission. That spider was the only one who attacked, but I know I saw a surveillance spider on my curtain later. I killed that one too. With the iron.

B. Andromeda (adventures of Dylan and the crew)

I miss that show. I miss Dylan, I miss Beka, I miss Trance, I miss Tyr, I miss Telemachus Rhade, I miss Rommie, I miss Doyle, and I miss Harper. My actual memory of that show is vague. That’s part of why I miss it. If it was still in reruns (like say, Angel) I could just watch it over and over again, and try to understand stuff I never understood about episodes that always confused me. Like that one where Tyr and Beka are acting strange for reasons that were never clear to me. Or any episode explaining anything about Tyr, or Nietzscheans, and some episodes concerning Trance. My immediate memories consist of that episode where Beka was the (Spoiler) matriarch (Spoiler end), and that episode that had something to do with a card game. The card game episode makes me think of the bar, and the bar reminds me of Drunk Rhade, who I preferred to Sober Rhade. But that was when they got stuck in the Seefra system, and that was towards the end (I think). No, come to think of it that episode where Doyle is talking to Rommie and Beka and Trance (I actually can’t remember whether Trance was there or not) about that dream she had was more towards the end. Probably.

I miss it, anyway.

C. The Big O

I searched for Big O via the WordPress search thing, and nothing came up. That upset me, so I figured I’d include Big O in my post.

Big O, or as I like to think of it, that odd show robot show that comes on around 5am (Or was it 4 something) on Adultswim, Is a show I only watch occasionally. I’ve never understood it completely, so I find it intriguing. I think the reason I’ve never understood it completely is because I keep missing episodes, and the reason I keep missing episodes is because I keep falling asleep during Cowboy Bebop, or GITS (I’m not going to spell it out I’m just too lazy). Anyway, I didn’t understand it even when I wasn’t missing episodes.

An explanation of what lies below: Roger smith is the main character, Dorothy is the android, Norman is the butler, Gabriel… is a bad guy. Alex Rosewater is a bad guy, Angel is a blond who Roger knows, Beck is a thief (I think), and Dastun is a military cop.

“Roger Smith is like the batman”, is what they say. I guess he is… sort of. Batman lacked a giant robot (oh wait, no he didn’t) and an android companion, and (from what I remember, and I think the joker will agree) a sense of humor. They both have a super helpful butler though.

I love Dorothy.  She’s just fun. Playing the piano too loud, telling off Roger in her monotone, easily lifting things to heavy for humans … So fun.

Norman is fun too. I don’t think Alfred had a machine gun.

Gabriel is pleasantly creepy.

Alex Rosewater is jerk, and his darling Big Fau is ugly.

Angel is nice to have as a character. She can be genuine sometimes.

Beck confused me, as a character. I just couldn’t  reconcile his personality to the background of the series.

Dastun always reminded me of Jet from Cowboy Bebop.

That’s it for thoughts on Big O. next: assorted nonsense.

D. Assorted randomness as opposed to assorted nonsense.

Ed Elric is short because he hates milk. I love milk, but am still short.

Futurama is a great show.

No one has counted the number of times Teal’c has said indeed.

Isabella Swan is a very unlikely name because it’s too pretty.

Jack link’s beef jerky has more calories in it than a Twix bar.