Blogging is hard

But I won’t complain. Much.

Whiny Section of Post

I still don’t know why I do this…blogging thing… It’s not as if I’m being paid or anything. Some days it’s not particularly fun to blog either. I feel obligated though. For absolutely no damn reason, I feel obligated. I don’t have regular readers. I don’t think I do anyway.  I seem to be mostly typing into the abyss, or something that equates to that but doesn’t sound stupid and makes more sense.  I just don’t know… about this and me… gah…

On the bright side, I think I’ve figured why other people blog, or do any social networking things. I didn’t get it at first, but it seems to be because friends (or just people) make it fun. It seems to be a kind of the more the merrier sort of thing. Writing and knowing other people give a damn about what you say can be fun, I guess. I don’t think everyone who does it does it for that reason though. It’s just the hypothesis that makes sense (to me).

Back on the “Blogging is hard” theme, I think I might have a mild case of writer’s block or something. Short on ideas is what I am. I attempt to be interesting, but I’ve been doing that regularly (in writing) a lot more often lately. I think my being unused to this amount of blogging is what’s messing things up. It’s okay though, because can just ramble on and on about nothing until I get an idea. I seem to have a knack for that. Rambling on and on about nothing, that is.  Getting ideas, I have trouble with. Making those ideas sound interesting, I have even more trouble with. I’m dreadfully dull. That’s the real trouble. I shall have to remedy this somehow. Perhaps I should go out into the world and…do…something…

The Fix

I really haven’t got the faintest idea what to do to fix my being dull. Perhaps I should become a fauxhemian. I’m already getting good at liking bands no one’s heard of. All I need now is the wardrobe…

<leaves to go check closet>

Nope, forget the fauxhemian thing. That’s pretty much a lost cause.  I don’t have any clothes that are “distressed” enough or clash properly.

However, reading the urban dictionary definitions of fauxhemian was an excellent waste of time. Reading the definitions of hipster was an even more excellent waste of time. Mostly because the hipster definitions are longer and funnier. There are also more of them. The scenester definitions were fun too. It was just nice to have it all explained. Now I feel like I’m all caught up on popular culture.

Random Music Video


It’s kind of cool, I thought. But kinda weird too. Mildly disorienting. Hadn’t heard the song in years even though I’d intended to remember it. That was odd. It’s not like the song title or the band name are forgettable.

Next Time: An idea, I has it! …Or not.

Less whining. (Probably)


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