Random tales of average, Various How tos

But you’re not a worker bee, you’re a renegade killer bee – Bill from Kill Bill 2 talking to @#$$%

I have seen Kill Bill a lot of times. The only movie I have seen more times is… I don’t think I’ve seen any movie more times. The Dark Knight maybe? (though that’s unlikely) That’s not the point though. The post isn’t even about Kill Bill . I’ve just watched it again, so that’s why the quote’s there. I was thinking that it was an awesome quote.

Note: Name is bleeped because it’s bleeped in the movie

Once again the post is about random crap I found on the internet. Like Wikihow articles.


It’s pretty great. People write articles on everything, it seems. Stuff like how to spin a pencil around your thumb, (I still can’t do it but the article was informative) how to be a lazy college student, (something I didn’t think people would need help doing) and other helpful topics.

Helpful Topic 1

Helpful Topic 2

Helpful Topic 3

Helpful Topic 4

Helpful Topic 1 can be very helpful if you, you know, have a normal life. All the others are sort of random.

I didn’t find many other things of interest on the internet this time around. Except of course, an amusing list of ways to get kicked out of Walmart. 333 to be exact. The first half just about killed me laughing, but it was 3am, and everything’s funny then. It’s a funny time of night/morning.

Actually, disregard that. I have links.


My Life Is Average is a fun site. People post really average (or really unusual) things that happen to them and people vote them either meh or average. The good ones get posted. I’ve actually known about this site for a while, but I’ve never blogged about it…for no real reason. I just haven’t thought to. I figured I’d blog about it this time, because I noticed I had it open in a tab, and I didn’t think I should let Wikihow dominate the post. Here are some average tales for sampling.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Sample 6

Actually, only the first three are average. The other three are less so.

Well, I’m done. Short post is short, I guess.

Next Time: Will there finally be something interesting posted? Will the next post end with a question? Will there be cat pictures?


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