There is a picture, but a cat is not in it.

Consider this post to be: Exactly What It Says on the Tin


She seems popular right now. Sort of. I don’t actually pay attention to that sort of thing, not really anyway. I’m only blogging about her because I got a song of hers stuck in my head and went looking for it. The song was Tik Tok. Tik Tok is catchy. All of Ke$ha’s songs are catchy. I know this because I went on Youtube, found Tik Tok, and proceeded to listen a few more of Ke$ha’s songs. Catchy is all I will call them. I couldn’t say really whether or not they’re any good. I like music, but whether the music I like is any good is up for debate. In another words, I’m no expert, so I’ll just say that the songs are catchy. That much is obvious. I also think her lyrics are sort of stupid. I don’t really know about Ke$ha. Know meaning what I think about her as a sort of famous person. I read the Wikipedia article on her (skimmed, more like) and she seems kind of crazy. The article says something about her breaking into Prince’s house in order to get him to produce her music. She also (according to the article) threw up in Paris Hilton’s closet. Her songs make her sound kind of crazy too.  Basically, she seems to really really like Jack Daniels, having sex, and partying. It’s the Jack that makes her sound crazy. She mentions it more than a couple of times. In Tik Tok she brushes her teeth with it. To which I say: That sounds unwise. And painful. I haven’t got anything against crazy people though. They tend to be interesting, and I can appreciate interesting people. However, Kesha isn’t really super interesting because frankly, party girls are nothing new. So I’m not sure how along she’ll be famous for. I’m equally unsure about whether or not I care.

Crap that this blog should probably actually be about.

It’s the link on my about page that I’m talking about. I don’t want to actually link to it again here though, because nothing is happening at the moment where that link leads. Loads was happening there when I first linked to it.

Things not as a interesting as, but similar to this:


I made this

I say it’s interesting because, well what else would I call it? Ugly? Though I suppose it is that as well…

I used to make things sorta like that. I got busy though. With things that matter. Now I’m just thinking about making more stuff like that and putting it on the internet and whether or not anyone would care if I did. Actually, I know some people might care. I just mean people here, in the section of the internet that cares about blogging. My making stuff like that was part of the reason I allowed my myself to make this blog. That and I was chasing down Keira Knightly pictures, but I told that story already in another post. I also explained why I blog in spite of being bad at it. (generally) I tend to leave the blog without an update for ages, I’m fairly dull, so I don’t actually have much to say, and I don’t really have a set theme, except talking about crap. Usually (lately) I separate the crap into sections and write close to a thousand words (for reals; one post was two) and I dunno… If I made more stuff like the… thing I showed you (whoever you are) and posted it, I don’t know if people would care really. Or if I should. I have I place for that. If I posted too it here it would just seem like advertising. It kinda would be advertising. That’s what thought I would do when I originally made this blog… thing and now it seems like it would take the blog off track. Not that it being on track was terribly interesting, it’s just, you know… change.

Some other random crap

Uma Thurman cannot draw shapes. She can’t draw squares, at least. My proof? Pulp Fiction, for one. If you’ve seen it, you know there’s a scene where she tells Vincent “Don’t be a -” then proceeds to draw a rectangle in the air. I know she means square, since society doesn’t have anything against being a rectangle (as far as I know) but still…

If you need more proof though, let me point you to Kill Bill. There’s a scene where she’s talking to Vernita Green about what would make make them even. When she says “That would be about square.” she draws a square with one of her hands. Problem is, it’s missing a side. I guess the fourth side is supposed to be  implied, but what I’m saying is that she didn’t draw it. I’m also guessing that I’m not the only person who has noticed this and blogged about it, but I just saw Kill Bill again and felt the need to mention it.

Next time: Will the blog start being about something? Will there be cat pictures? Is watching Kill Bill a good way to learn some Japanese? Also this.


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