And the cat pictures arrive. (along with an actual post)

LOL cats, naturally.

<——Like this oneIt is nice, isn't it?

I love this cat. So sarcastic, yet so…sarcastic…

Cats being stored

This is actually an awesome idea. All cats should be stored this way.

Kitty Fort!

Adorable no? Probably would be cuter if they allowed girls…

Kitty Fort allows Girls w/ cheeseburgers

Well, what do you know? It seems they’ve made an exception…

This is totally something a cat would do.

Mouse escapes orange

A mouse for a change. He’s escaped the orange, see? That makes him adorable, right?

Mouse is a hitman

And another mouse, only this one is secretly a ninja assassin… Or just an assassin.

Dog takes bad picture

I never let my dog take pictures of me for this reason.

The actual post

There are pics this time because I said that there would be pics last time. The pics are cat (and mouse pics) cuz that’s what I got. I took some of them from  and some others from other parts of the internet.  The actual post is not about the cat pictures though. It’s about this:Hard Candy

Hard Candy. A movie I saw, which is not about hard candy at all, and which I found to be somewhat horrifying. Ellen Page was…um…it depends on how you feel about….uh…What I’m trying to say is that Ellen did good (real good), but I also want to say something else which I shouldn’t say if I am going to write this post without spoiling the movie. I really just want talk about everything that happened in the movie. I want to go into the kind of detail that would involve examining everything that Haley (Ellen Page’s character) does, what happens to her, what happens to Jeff (Patrick Wilson’s character) and what I think about all of it. I won’t though. Not because of the spoiler thing, but because the movie is about Jeff’s fondness for underage girls (sort of) and that makes things complicated. People do not like pedophiles. Or Hebephiles. Which is why one thing I will say is that it bugs me that Jeff seems like a nice guy. He really does. Maybe it was just me, but even after things he said it was hard (for me) to see him as a bad guy. I’m supposed to, I think. He likes underage girls, Haley for example. Haley’s 14. Jeff’s 32. That’s what scientists like to call a massive age gap. The age gap might matter less if she was at least of legal age, but she’s not. That makes Jeff (in scientific terms) a pervert. I’m not supposed to think he’s a nice guy. Maybe it’s because in the movie…

Right, can’t say. Spoiler and all that. Jeff probably doesn’t seem like a nice guy to everyone. It’s just… never mind. The important character is Haley anyway.

No one was spared

So I leave you with the above photo. It’s completely unrelated to the actual post, so no spoiler worries.

Next time: Sense of direction in blogging? Does this blog have a purpose? Does it matter? More importantly, will there be more cat pictures?


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