Normally the title goes here…

But I haven’t the faintest idea of how to title this. That might be because I haven’t much to say this time round. The last couple of posts were very wall-of-text-y so, I’m thinking of not doing that again with this one. If more people read this blog I’d ask a question, or ask several questions. Maybe I’d tell a story or something. Actually, I usually tell a story. It’s just usually about how I found some random thing that isn’t important really. I suppose I could tell an actual story. You, know, like fiction? I don’t know though… It probably wouldn’t be very good. I don’t usually tell stories to the internet.  It would be random if I did tell it. Full of stuff about things…and people. Maybe it would be short.

Of course there’s no real need for me to tell a story. I could always just do a list post. I can see it now…

1. Start with a title.

2. List things

3. ??????

4. Profit!

Ok, so a list post would be a bad idea.

Actually, posting about having nothing to post about is probably a bad idea as well. I should think up a topic and come back.

Well, I’m back.

I still don’t have a topic because I fail at blogging.

I’m working on that though. The topic that is, not failing. I don’t need to fail any further.

Actually…(prepare for random information) Did you know that googling lk will bring up a wikipedia article about the internet code for Sri Lanka? Look. See? I did that by accident once, and that’s what happened. Kind of odd actually…

Also, (interesting info for Bleach fans) there is an actual band called Bankai. (You know, the same way there used to a band called Final Fantasy) They don’t play j-rock, or j-pop, or j-anything. I think they’re Australian, actually. This is their Myspace. It claims that their genres are electro, death metal, and easy listening. I’ve heard them, and can only agree with electro. I don’t know what else to call it. Their Myspace also claims that Bankai was the name of a large dinosaur. I’m listening to a song by them right now. It’s called Melange. I’m listening to it on T61 because they’re on there, and the track was in my “for you” stream, and it won’t stop looping for some reason. I suppose I could just switch streams…

I switched streams. Interesting how T61 came up as a topic again, isn’t it? Enough about that for now though.

I haven’t got another topic, and I don’t think one is going to appear. The funny things is, when I started this post I really thought I would come up with something. I usually do. Especially by this point. I’m going to stop here though. I’m sure I’ll have a topic next time, or at least a better non-topic.

Next time: Topic? DO WANT!!! Also, there might be funny cat pictures. Pictures?! But this is a text only blog! That would be the wrong assumption. There will be pics.


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