Seinen, Little Brother, and the Importance of Whuffie

Parasyte and Dragon Head

Parasyte and Dragon head are seinen manga I just recently started reading. I getting very into seinen lately for some reason. Probably because it’s more serious than shonen manga. If you don’t know already, seinen is slightly more mature manga. It’s sort of like the M-rated kind of videogame. It can be bloody, and it tends to be full of stuff kids don’t want, or don’t need to see. (not counting those kids that like that kind of thing) Seinen is marketed to an older male crowd. Shonen is marketed towards the younger male crowd. Enough with the manga definitions  for now though. The point is that Parasyte is fun so far. It’s funnier than I expected a  horror manga to be. There are aliens involved, and I’m not very far in, so I don’t know exactly what they want yet, just that they kill things.

I’ve made even less progress in Dragon Head, but it’s interesting so far. It’s a survival seinen manga and it freaked out a friend of mine who reads horror manga for fun. I haven’t read much survival manga, so we’ll see how that goes. So far the situation looks worrisome. Vaguely claustrophobic as well. Gonna finish it though, because I want to know what freaked my friend so badly.

T61 (why I’m still listening to it)

The last post I wrote mentioned thesixtyone and how I ended up listening to it. This section of this post is about why I still do. (Sorta. I don’t rightly know, I’m just guessing)

T61 quests, for one. That might be part of why I go back. I’ve got eight I need to finish right now, and I’m working on one at the moment. The quests are mildly addictive. I don’t much care to leave them undone. They also help me level, and (as I’ve mentioned before) leveling is something I can easily get addicted to. Having the levels and quests kind of makes listening to music into a game.  Games I can do. Especially passive games, like the ones on Facebook, (Click to grow things much?) and listening to T61 is kind of like that in a way. Turn on music, and wait until the quest is complete. Easy. Some of the quests are slightly harder though. By harder, I mean that you actually have to pay attention. The ones I’m talking about are the ones that require a certain amount of plays from more than one playlist that belongs to someone else, and the ones that require a certain amount of listening time on certain moods. One other one requires a certain hearting to plays ratio.  Hearting things is kind of cool too. It also helps me level, but I usually only do it when I like something. One song I hearted was almost completely inconsistent with the type of music I tend to like. It was a song about math. Trigonometry, to be specific. It’s ridiculously catchy and I keep thinking that it will come in handy sometime. Even if I don’t care for Trig.

Little Brother

I stumbled across mentions of Little Brother after reading an article about a school using webcams to spy on their students. The mentions I ran into were in the comments, which I read all of for some reason. Should have felt like it was a waste of time to do that, but it was actually just interesting. Little Brother is a book written by Cory Doctorow. It’s really…well… It’s hard (for me) to sum it up in a word. I went and read the whole thing two thirds of the way through the comments.  I’ll probably read it again sometime, or just buy it so I can read it again in hard copy. One of the great things about Little Brother is that it can be read online, for free. Craphound (Cory’s Blog) is down at the moment or I’d add a link. Edit: Link added further down in the post. It’s basically about a computer savvy kid and what can happen when surveillance gets out of control.  It made my usual paranoia (though mild) seem justified, and ARGs are suddenly something I’m curious about. Harajuku Fun Madness, anyone? (Yes, I know it’s not real, but daydreaming is fun.)

Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom

Twitter led me to Down and out in the Magic Kingdom. Twitter via Mashable. Did I mention I how much I like Mashable? I really like it. It links me to cool stuff, and tells me cool things. Mashable didn’t link me to Down and out in the Magic Kingdom though. This is what happened. A Mashable blogger made a list of people who one could learn from on Twitter. This blogger mentioned that one of these tweeple (Yes, I do the silly Twitter lingo now) taught her the meaning of Whuffie. Well, I googled Whuffie because I’d never heard of it. Turns out that Whuffie is a fictional currency from Cory Doctorow’s book: Down and out in the Magic Kingdom. Cory Doctorow’s books are available online for free, so I ran off to read it. I gotta say, it was pretty cool.  Whuffie is  a currency based on merit. If people are pleased with you and your ideas, you will get more Whuffie. This way, no one gets Whuffie who isn’t in good standing with others. The book takes place in the future, so there’s other cool stuff too. Stuff like a cure for death. Plus, the narrator practically lives in Disney Land. Plus, computers that fit in your ear. Craphound  is still down (at time of writing) so here’s a link to it on Project Gutenberg. While I’m at it, here’s a link to Little Brother as well. Ain’t the internet great?

I originally read both books on craphound, which is why I keep wanting to link to it. I linked to where the actual story starts, because the first few pages are testimonials and the Creative Commons License.  Back to Whuffie though. I thought it was a pretty cool idea for a currency, but I’m not sure I would actually want to have to use it. It’s more because I’m not too sure about the idea of having to be in high regard in order to make money. I keep thinking people would try too hard to please each other in order to get it. They would be nice, but they would be fake. I’m not sure how it would affect the brutally honest, or people who aren’t good with people, or with ideas. (Maybe they could get put on some sort of Whuffie disability?) Then again, it might not really be so bad. People in general might switch between those personality types that they hold in high regard from time to so that maybe… um…

Never mind. I didn’t think this through as much as I thought I did. The point (part of it) is that Down and out in the Magic Kingdom is a pretty cool book, and Cory Doctorow is awesome for putting it, and his other books, on the internet. I don’t remember the rest of the my point… something about seinen I think. Ah yes… aliens that kill things, and vaguely claustrophobic survival manga.


Next Time: Will the blogger who doesn’t do blogs think their thought’s through? Will manga be the starting topic of yet another post? Reply hazy. Try again.

Bonus link for no reason! This.


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