Instead of…

…catching up on all the blog reading I fell behind on, I added a new one to the list. Possible archive binge to follow.

Instead of doing something constructive, productive etc. I got distracted by the internet.

Instead of catching up on my Genshiken or Berserk, I binged on Uzumaki and didn’t get scared in the least. (more on this later)

Instead of finding worthwhile things to tweet about, I began following yet another person, and stalked Mashable some more. (possible twitter stalking issues maybe?)

Instead of getting into that new show I said I would watch: White Collar, Mad Men, Alice (pick any one, doesn’t matter really) I’m watching reruns of Burn Notice. In no way a bad thing, naturally, I simply fail at television watching.

Instead of writing in my blog…thing, I got distracted by a sudden social life. Very random, that.

Instead of reading any of those books I’m supposed to read, I got distracted by mylifeisaverage.

Instead of doing any housework, I reorganized my playlists. My surprise at a finding certain songs was offset by not finding some others. Could have sworn I had Bound for the Floor already…

Instead of eating, I slept. That does, however, explain why I woke up hungry…

Instead of doing my exercise, like I planned, I got distracted by Tv.

And instead of making a real post, I made a dull list of things I should have done.

I fail at blogging.

Next time: Will my next blogging attempt fail epically or be awesome? Stay tuned. Or don’t. Let’s face it, you have better things to do.


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